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Squash Issues – Yellowing Leaves on Some Plants

In one of my raised beds, I have some squash plants - both summer yellow and zucchini - that are turning yellow.   In the neighboring bed some of the late planted squash appears to be stunted.  This is affecting the older leaves first.  The edges turn yellow and the leaf surface is splotched with yellow areas.  (This year I am growing some of my summer squash - both yellow and zucchini - in tomato cages to see if I can get a better control over the plants that would otherwise sprawl all over.) The Read more [...]

Update of Yellowing Leaves

I scattered Blood meal around the yellowing plants - squash and peppers.  Blood meal is nitrogen.  I also fertilized with full label strength Miracle Grow.  I then watered even more.  This seems to have helped.  The new squash growth is dark green, so I am assuming the fertilizer helped.  For now.  I am still worried about all of the sand in these new beds - and the lack of organic matter.  I have to find an affordable way to load these beds with organic matter - then I need to get earthworms.  Read more [...]

Something Is Turning Squash Leaves Yellow and Killing Quickly

I am still researching this problem, but have yet to find a definite answer.  Some leaves start to turn lighter green, then yellow.  The yellow seems to start around the edges and spread to the entire leaf.  You can see Basil on the right in the pic - I have interplanted Basil all thru the garden - hope it isn't causing problems for the curcurbits or peppers that it is planted all through. These zucchini leaves are turning yellow - it spreads to the entire plant, then onto the neighboring plant.  Read more [...]