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Powdery Mildew Strikes Again

We have had a very cooler and wet spring and the powdery mildew is back with a vengeance. A day before our last good rain, I sprayed all of my crops with a mixture of Garrett Juice (2 tbsp per gallon), neem oil (almost 2 tbsp per gallon), and a tablespoon per gallon of ocean minerals.  After wards, the leaves had a nice rich green shine to them and the powdery mildew could not be seen.  I suspect that it was just hidden under the glossy finish.  After a few more days of very light sprinkles, Read more [...]

This Is A Reason to Not Trellis Winter Squash

Winter squash will root at stem junctions if allowed to grow over the ground.  For space considerations, I have to trellis most of my winter squash, however here is a plant that grew back down the trellis/cattle panel and along the ground.  It was a very long and healthy vine. And another: On a trellised plant, you can see half-inch to inch white roots trying to grow at the stem junctions.  If they touch dirt, wow, another set of roots will develop. Read more [...]

A Selection of Winter Squash

With the move this past spring, as previously noted, all of my garden was planted at least a month late, including some winter squash. The top left is one of only 2 Seminole Pumpkins that I harvested.  They grew wonderfully the last growing season of my old home.  I purchased new heirloom Seminole Pumpkin seed from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange this fall.  I like them.  They are a nice single serving size squash with a nice long stem.  Oh, Next spring. . .   Can't hardly wait . . . . . Read more [...]

Overview – From July 10

This is the middle walkway between the 2 long rows of raised beds.  The beds are 5 feet wide and 16 feet long - to accommodate the 16' cattle panels.  I planned to plant climbing plants - mostly beans, squash and cucumbers - under the cattle panels on both sides of the bed and plant other things along the outer 2 feet of each long side.  I planted these squash so that they could grow down into the 4' aisle between the beds.  In the very front, left you can see a long vine growing along the outside Read more [...]

Compost Pile

This is the new compost pile. About 2 months ago, I flipped the big stuff from the old compost pile and added all the weeds I pulled getting the garden ready for spring planting. I wish I was able to build retaining walls, but haven't yet been able to get it rolling. I was considering using old wood pallets for the side and rear wall. I still need to use my 1/2" square wire mesh framed screen to screen the old compost pile, but before I could get the job done, these volunteer squash popped Read more [...]

Butternut Rugoso Violina Gioria Squash

Originally published Summer 2011 As I previously mentioned, I planted 6 varieties of cucurbit moschata winter squash.  I planted 10 Rugoso Violina seeds, and half came up and one vine survived.  It grew to about 20 feet, then died.  The stem looked like it started rotting??  So, over the course of a couple of weeks, I watched the leaves slowly wilt.  Yesterday, as the leaves were pretty much dead, I cut this squash down.  I would have liked for it to have stayed on the vine until the fall, Read more [...]

Upper Ground Sweet Potato Winter Squash

Originally published Summer 2011 Upper ground sweet potato winter squash is c. moschata, so I should not have to be worried about the evil squash vine borer.  I decided to grow them in a mound on the ground.  All 4 seeds sprouted, so I have 4 plants currently growing.  The vines are supposed to grow 20', so I am wondering where they will grow to.  I initially tried to train them around the mound, but they simply must be allowed to spread out farther.  Also, they tend to branch out from leaf Read more [...]

Crenshaw Winter Squash

Originally published Summer 2011 (If you read my very first post, you will find that I am slowly re-creating my gardening blog that I originally hosted on my own domain, blueroseweb.com, but that my web host 1and1.com lost. Fortunantly, they were able to provide me a dump file that contained my writings and I am now recreating the blog). Because of the many problems that I experience with certain winter squash, especially c. maxima, I, for the most part, only grow c. moschata winter squash.  However, Read more [...]

Waltham Butternuts – First Fruits are Setting

First Published June 2011 Waltham Butternut winter squash is an old faithful squash.  I only planted 5' of Waltham this year because I planted 5 other cucurbit moschata winter squashes.  The Waltham has set it's fruit first.  I have gotten to where about the only winter squash I will plant is cucurbit moschata, because they have a solid stem and thus not susceptible to squash vine borers. Last season, the evil squash vine borer ravished my cucurbit maxima. After the damage was done I learned Read more [...]