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Powdery Mildew Strikes Again

We have had a very cooler and wet spring and the powdery mildew is back with a vengeance. A day before our last good rain, I sprayed all of my crops with a mixture of Garrett Juice (2 tbsp per gallon), neem oil (almost 2 tbsp per gallon), and a tablespoon per gallon of ocean minerals.  After wards, the leaves had a nice rich green shine to them and the powdery mildew could not be seen.  I suspect that it was just hidden under the glossy finish.  After a few more days of very light sprinkles, Read more [...]

Squash Issues – Yellowing Leaves on Some Plants

In one of my raised beds, I have some squash plants - both summer yellow and zucchini - that are turning yellow.   In the neighboring bed some of the late planted squash appears to be stunted.  This is affecting the older leaves first.  The edges turn yellow and the leaf surface is splotched with yellow areas.  (This year I am growing some of my summer squash - both yellow and zucchini - in tomato cages to see if I can get a better control over the plants that would otherwise sprawl all over.) The Read more [...]

Is This A Squash Vine Borer?

I have seen several of these bugs flying around.  I don't think that they are squash vine borers - the wings look different from other squash vine borers I have smashed in the past. (I also don't know what that green think is in the top right corner on that marigold bud.) I had massive summer squash die off, but I don't think it was from squash vine borers, but it could have been. I don't know what to think. Next spring I will have to keep better tract of the stems of my squash. I use BT Read more [...]

The Squash Bugs Are Here, The Squash Bugs Are Here!!

I was harvesting when I saw this vile little bugger, my first squash bug. Since it was laying eggs when I caught it (see the eggs circled in red),  I knew that there are obviously 2 squash bugs around. I smashed this squash bug against the wood bed.  Squash bugs are related to stink bugs and give off a disagreeable odor when smashed.  I then smashed each egg - I scraped them off the leaf with my finger nail and then smashed each egg. A couple of days later, I noticed two adult squash bugs Read more [...]

Basil And Squash Overview

The plants on the left side of the pic of the first bed are Basil. I start Basil from seed each year, with occasionally buying a pack of another variety of basil. Most of the seeds that I started from last year are 'regular' Basil. This year I bought a pack of Globe Basil seeds - those plants grow somewhat slower, but are very interesting. They do indeed grow in a round ball and the leaves are smaller. Hopefully they won't cross with my 'regular Basil' for next year. Under the raised cattle panel, Read more [...]

Cucumbers – Marching Right Along

Because of the move and having to build my raised beds, these cucumbers were planted a month late. These tiny seedlings are popping up through oak tree mulch. Cute - eh? I am using last spring's left over Tasty Green hybrid cucumbers from Twilley Seed Co.  I had excellent germination.  I like an 'English' type of cucumber and Tasty Green is Twilley's closest match.  Last year I had an excellent harvest and expect one this year.  These cukes are best harvested at about 12" in length. I use Read more [...]

The Squash Row

This little beauty has plenty of blooms.  This is what a happy squash plant looks like. This year I inter-planted over 3 dozen basil seedlings in and throughout the garden. You can see a few of the first planted basil popping above the squash. Today, the last day of July, these large, beautiful squash are all gone and only the basil are left. They are now enormous - all at least 2 feet tall and bushy from having their seed heads pinched out regularly for a month. Read more [...]

Zucchini Appears To Be Recovering From Squash Vine Borers

Several posts ago I showed a picture of a zucchini plant that was wilting probably because of the evil squash vine borer.  I have treated all sizeable summer squash plants numerous times with in-stem injections of BT.  These 2 zuchs look like they recovered enough and are trying to regrow.  They should have an excellent root structure to build on.  Look at those new leaves !  The old, dead yellow leaf stems are still visible.  (The white powder at the stem is diacatamous earth to try to cut Read more [...]

Squash Vine Borer

I was walking along my squash row, looking at the plants as I walked along.  Then - there it was - a squash vine borer fly just there on the leaf.  I put my gloves on and picked it up - took it to the greenhouse and put it in a plastic zip bag. This is the top side: This is its underside: I mixed up a fresh batch of BT worm killer and injected the stems of all of my decent sized summer squash.  The SVB is a moth and when I was trying to pick it up with my gloves, some of the glittery wing Read more [...]

Hybrid Summer Squash Out-Performs Open Pollinated Varieties

I prefer to grow open pollinated/heirloom varieties of plants. (I get a thrill out of saving seeds). However, here in east Texas, the growing conditions are harsh during the summer. As a result, the past few years gardening has not been as productive as I would like. (And this includes fresh seeds from seed sellers).  Last fall, after talking with a road side vegetable vendor, I decided to go hybrid this season. The vendor recommended Twilley Seed of North Carolina. I purchased all of my tomato, Read more [...]