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Boysenberries Finally Taking Off

The Boysenberries have finally taken off this spring.  I planted them in this narrow strip 2 years ago.  Last spring I had a few berries - they were very good.  But this spring, I am seeing all sorts of growth and numerous new shoots.  I am really pleased.  I am going to let them spread all over for a while. The bushy, green berries in the front are the boysenberries.  The plants toward the pack of the row are a thornless blackberry.  I didn't know how to properly prune them last year because Read more [...]


I have decided to raise Raspberries.  They are not as easy to grow here as they are up north, but it is doable.  These will sit in these pots for a while, maybe even this entire season, until I figure the best place to plant them. The 5 pots in the lower left are the raspberries.  The one on the very left isn't looking to great.  Each is a different variety and I'll see what ones perform the best.  I know Heritage is supposed to be one of the best for this region.  Fortunately I have one.  Read more [...]