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Propagating Rosemary

I like my large 2 1/2′ to 3′ rosemary plants in large clay pots on the patio.  I purchased my last few rosemary plants from the produce section of a grocery store at $2.99 or so each.  This is too expensive to keep doing, so I decided to try to grow my own rosemary plants from cuttings because I realized this is how nursery rosemary plats are grown – from cuttings not from seeds.   I do have a packet of rosemary seeds and intend to sprout them at some point in the future.

I took several 3-4″ cuttings from the ends of woody branches.  I cut the stem at an angle, dipped the cut end in rooting hormone and put them in water.  In less than a week roots were growing on the cut ends.  I then planted the rooted cuttings in potting soil.

The cuttings in water.
rosemary cuttings in water

Within a week or so, the cuttings have grown roots.

roots on rosemary cuttings

The rooted rosemary cuttings in potting soil.
rooted rosemary cuttings

That was fun.  Looking for something else to try to propagate.  Looking forward to see how fast these cuttings grow.

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Lavender Seedlings

I love to start plants from both seeds and cuttings.  While I have a large lavender plant to take cuttings from when I try to root them, I also have started many lavender seeds.  (Most of them died because at the time I couldn’t keep the seedlings moist).  This nifty, roomy 6 place tray is from the recycle shelf at a big box store – I have gotten quite a few nice trays and pots from the recycle center – recycled them right into my green house!!.  Note that this potting container is sitting in a tray to hold water so that the plants don’t dry out.
lavender seedlings

These are shelves on a little junior green house shelf, waiting for my real green house to get moved over here.  Note 2 of my brand new seedling trays sitting in a no-hole bottom tray to hold water and keep the seeding trays moist.  On the second shelf, to the left of my lavender is a recycled tray with a few coleus in it.  I am so pleased that a few coleus survived.  They are easier to propagate from cuttings, but I also like to start seeds.  Unfortunately, most of this batch of coleus dried out.  So, with new propagation/seeding trays, I am starting another batch of coleus.
lavender seedlings starting

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Seedling Trays Make It So Easy

I found propagation/seedling trays with – most important – no-hole bottom trays.  Without my greenhouse, this spring I lost so many seedlings – overall at least half of what I started – because I simply couldn’t keep the plugs wet.  You can most easily see a tray under the deep-root seedling tray on the right.  These trays allow me to water from the bottom – I only need to make sure there is water in the bottom tray and then the seedlings won’t dry out during the hot day.

After over-paying by 2x+ for 10 of these trays on ebay, I found greenhousemegastore.com.  I have NO affiliate link to these folks – I am mentioning them because their prices are so great and shipping is so reasonable and my problem is SOLVED!  I am soooo thrilled!  You don’t know how great I feel now being able to start hundreds and hundreds of seedlings and knowing that they won’t dry out and die!!!  I have to start my winter broccoli, cabbage and all the other cold weather crops in August.  Without constant bottom watering, nothing would easily survive here in hot, dry Texas.

The deep-root tray on the right has pine tree seedlings in it.  When I find a pine seedling in the wrong place (under a bench, in the garden, in the middle of the yard – where ever the seedling sprouts ) I dig it up and plant it in this tray.  The tray to its left has basil sprouts (the cells with missing plants had sprouts that dried out and died!  So I re-seeded them today and put it in a no-hole bottom tray).  The tray on the very left is a deep foil pan – how I used to start seedlings until I got a hold of these seedling propagation trays.
seedling starter trays

This is a seedling tray with marigold sprouts.  This is one of my 2 older 72 cell seedling trays (Now, I have plenty of these trays), sitting in one of my new 1020 no-hole trays.  Haven’t had a problem with any seedlings drying out since I got these.  Loving it!
marigolds in a seed starter tray

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