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Propagating Rosemary

I like my large 2 1/2' to 3' rosemary plants in large clay pots on the patio.  I purchased my last few rosemary plants from the produce section of a grocery store at $2.99 or so each.  This is too expensive to keep doing, so I decided to try to grow my own rosemary plants from cuttings because I realized this is how nursery rosemary plats are grown - from cuttings not from seeds.   I do have a packet of rosemary seeds and intend to sprout them at some point in the future. I took several 3-4" Read more [...]

Lavender Seedlings

I love to start plants from both seeds and cuttings.  While I have a large lavender plant to take cuttings from when I try to root them, I also have started many lavender seeds.  (Most of them died because at the time I couldn't keep the seedlings moist).  This nifty, roomy 6 place tray is from the recycle shelf at a big box store - I have gotten quite a few nice trays and pots from the recycle center - recycled them right into my green house!!.  Note that this potting container is sitting in Read more [...]

Seedling Trays Make It So Easy

I found propagation/seedling trays with - most important - no-hole bottom trays.  Without my greenhouse, this spring I lost so many seedlings - overall at least half of what I started - because I simply couldn't keep the plugs wet.  You can most easily see a tray under the deep-root seedling tray on the right.  These trays allow me to water from the bottom - I only need to make sure there is water in the bottom tray and then the seedlings won't dry out during the hot day. After over-paying by Read more [...]