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Powdery Mildew Strikes Again

We have had a very cooler and wet spring and the powdery mildew is back with a vengeance. A day before our last good rain, I sprayed all of my crops with a mixture of Garrett Juice (2 tbsp per gallon), neem oil (almost 2 tbsp per gallon), and a tablespoon per gallon of ocean minerals.  After wards, the leaves had a nice rich green shine to them and the powdery mildew could not be seen.  I suspect that it was just hidden under the glossy finish.  After a few more days of very light sprinkles, Read more [...]

Verigated Squash Leaves vs. Powdery Mildew

I received a comment questioning whether powdery mildew might actually be the natural coloring of certain squash leaves. I am creating this post in reply. This first picture if of a normal variegated squash leaf. Some squash plants, especially winter squash plants, have leaves with white areas. These white areas are usually at the junction of leaf vines. This next picture is of small powdery mildew spots - note the fuzzy look to the round splotches randomly located all over the leaf: This leaf Read more [...]

A Week of Rain Destroys a Squash Garden

This part of Texas is usually hot and dry during the summer.   This past week we had a very unusual event:  7 days of rain.    Every day we had some rain.   Some days we had over 2 inches and other days we had an eighth or a quarter inch of rain.  The total rain for the week was a bit over 6 inches.   You might think this is a good thing.  Not so - we had rain every day.   Along with high humidity, we had very little sunshine to dry the leaves off.   I went out to the garden a few Read more [...]

Overview – From July 10

This is the middle walkway between the 2 long rows of raised beds.  The beds are 5 feet wide and 16 feet long - to accommodate the 16' cattle panels.  I planned to plant climbing plants - mostly beans, squash and cucumbers - under the cattle panels on both sides of the bed and plant other things along the outer 2 feet of each long side.  I planted these squash so that they could grow down into the 4' aisle between the beds.  In the very front, left you can see a long vine growing along the outside Read more [...]

Another Look At Powdery Mildew

This summer yellow squash leaf has spots of powdery mildew on it.  This is just the beginning . . . If I do nothing, it will quickly spread.  To try to hold the spread of the mildew, I am spraying it with Neem Oil almost every day.  This seems to be slowing the spreading down.  It does not eradicate the stuff, but it seems to be hold the spread.  Once powdery mildew takes off, it will quickly spread and kill the squash plant. This summer yellow squash plant has many sploches of powdery mildew Read more [...]

Powdery Mildew Makes An Appearance

Powdery mildew has shown up.  I have been using Neem oil to treat it.  Seems to keep it from spreading.  A few years ago I tried to go organic and used a potion made with baking soda - yes, it stopped the powdery mildew, but it also killed all of the leaves it was sprayed on. This pic was taken a couple of days ago.  I treated with neem oil spray on the day the pic was taken.  As of today, I nave not noticed any spreading of the mildew. Read more [...]

A Volunteer Squash At The Old Compost Pile

Originally published Summer of 2011 Lots of things pop up at the edges of the compost piles.  This squash plant has managed to survive and has buds on it.  I sprayed it a few times with neem oil to get rid of it's powdery mildew.  (Last year I used a homemade formula of baking soda and dish soap to kill the powdery mildew - and it did stop the mildew.  The problem was that it was too harsh on the leaves and hardened them and they died.)  Neem oil is my pesticide and fungicide and all around Read more [...]