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Army-worms Devastated My Winter Garden

Army worms have been brutal this fall.  I never saw it coming.  The summer garden came and went and I then planted my fall garden.  The first planting grew nice and the seedlings grew to an inch or two, then overnight - yes, overnight, the seedlings were gone.  It took a few days of research and observation to realize it is army worms eating and destroying my garden. When I realized it was army worms, I knew to watch for them early in the morning and later in the evening because they usually Read more [...]

I Think My Pine Tree Seedlings Are Actually Cedar Trees – Yuck

I have been digging up little tree sprouts that I thought were pine trees.  Well, after doing some research - after watching these trees grow a bit - I have come to realize that most of the seedlings that I thought were Pine trees are probably cedar seedlings.  Big disappointment.  I like pine trees and greatly dislike cedar trees.  Looks like most of these seedlings are going into the compost. I have circled the one pine tree - it is in front.  Although it looks faded out, it is really light Read more [...]

Pine Tree Seedlings

I am addicted to propagating plants by cuttings and seeds.  Pine trees abound.  I finally figured out that these are pine seedlings.  Duh!  Now I dig them up when they sprout in a dangerous spot - under foot, in the driveway, or some other place where they won't be able to grow and survive. This little guy spent a few weeks adjusting to this pot, but has since taken off.  He (pine trees come male & female but I don't know what this seedling is so I am just using this pronoun).  This guy Read more [...]