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Be Sure You Are Growing the Proper Onion

Here in Texas, SHORT day onions are the proper onions to grow.  Short day onions will bulb here where the days are shorter than in the north.  Northerners grow long day onions.  There is also an Intermediate onion for central states. This is the bag of onion bulbs that Atwoods sold me.  I closely examined the label, but nowhere did it state whether these were long or short day onions.  I figured that surely the garden supply buyer for a big outfit like Atwoods would have a basic understanding Read more [...]

Onion Seedlings A Week Later

The onion seedlings are growing fine.  I'm not sure how I will handle them.  I'm thinking I might let them grow where they are for a few more weeks or so - unless they look like they are getting to long.  I might then transplant them into the garden.  The onion sets that I buy from stores seem durable - but those little plants are larger than I imagine these seedlings will be.  I plan to eventually plant them around the garden and leave them until they - hopefully - bulb this spring and mature. Playing Read more [...]

Garlic Harvest 2012

Since we have slowed way down in our garlic consumption, I grew much fewer garlic plants this past fall than usual. Here in east Texas, garlic is planted in the fall and harvested in May, or early June at the latest.  This is my harvest for this year, drying on a screen. This past fall, I planted both my heirloom silverskin garlic and some plump cloves from the store. I am pleased with my harvest this year - more of the garlics were large. I can tell the store garlics because they have a purple Read more [...]

Overview Time Again

Here are some early spring overview shots of what I've got so far this year: Looking north over the 3 raised cattle panels: Looking west from near the gate: The open area for the tomatoes, maybe about 3 dozen plants: The area west of the greenhouse: I have learned to put hay in the walk way. Most of it composts by the following spring. Great stuff - a bale of old, rotting hay. Looking south from the greenhouse door area: Looking east across the raised beds to the greenhouse: The Read more [...]

The Reward

Originally published Summer 2011 The Chinese Long Red beans aren't ready - they haven't even produced any of those cute little pods yet, but I have everything else I need to enjoy a garden dinner. First into the stir fry pan goes the onions - both yellow and red - and the peppers - today we have Purple Beauty (which turn a rich olive green when cooked), Jimmy Nardelo and banana peppers. I use Sesame seed oil to start frying with. Then add garden cabbage, a cocozella zuke, 2 lemon squash and Read more [...]

First Harvest – June 2011

First published June 2011

Today I picked my first Cocozella zuke, Grey zuke, some Amish Paste tomatoes, some Lemon squash, a still-green Jimmy pepper, a couple of still-yellow Tequila sunrise peppers, a banana pepper and some onions.

First harvest in June

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Zucchini Is Up

My 2 favorite varieties of zucchini are Cocozella and Grey.  One plant of each has it's first harvest-able fruit. The cocozella zucchini: The grey zucchini: They are going into the stir fry tomorrow night! Along with the garden onions, peppers and cabbage. Unfortunantly, the long red Chinese beans aren't ready yet. Read more [...]