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Blanching & Freezing Overgrown Zucchini

Somehow I carelessly missed about a half dozen overgrown zucchini. Since it is early in the season and the weather is still wet, I hoped that they would not be seedy and that I could freeze them. Yes, that is how it worked out. I had put black several gallon nursery buckets sideways under the enormous zucchini plants that are spreading over the sides of my raised beds.  These zucchini were hard to tell apart from the black pots in the shadows under the leaves.  By the time I realized they were Read more [...]

Real Freezing Weather Has Arrived

Originally published Fall 2011 Finally, by the end of November, after Thanksgiving, REAL freezing weather has arrived. The late summer squash is gone, as are the peppers and even the sweet potatoes in the greenhouse. Here are some of the late summer squash before the freezes: (The long vine growing on the right side is an unidentified winter squash). The serious freezes finished off these squash. I covered them with a light horticultural blanket and they survived several light frosts, but a Read more [...]