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Johnny Jump Ups from Monticello

I have Johnny Jump Ups, originally from Monticello's collection of 'Tri-Color" variety.  In the picture below, I have circled one flower that is closest to the original coloring - dark purple top petals, white enter petals and yellow bottom petal.  I have had these things seeding themselves all over my yard and gardens for about 5 years.  I got them from my mom's place where she had them growing for years after bringing them home from a trip to Virginia and Thomas Jefferson's Monticello.  This Read more [...]

Moss Rose, Something New For Me, And I Like It

This is the first time ever that I have grown Moss Rose and I really like it. I sort of neglected my Moss Rose seedlings this spring because I was so busy with other plants, but when I finally got around to planting the sprouts in this hanging pot, they really took off. They are so interesting and grow sort like succulents, with all of those little new round leaves. The plants come in a rainbow of colors. Some of these amazing little blooms come with one row of petals and some come with multiple Read more [...]

Johnny-Jump-Up Over Population

This spring I have found dozens and dozens of Johnny Jump Ups all over the place.  They are popping up all thru the grass, under trees, in pots - all over the yard.  Last year I had just a couple of them pop up in a flower pot that I brought from my Father's place.  I left the couple of plants to grow and some how they obviously scattered their seeds all over my yard.  I have dug up dozens from the middle of the grassy yard - planting them in small pots.  This created pots full of flowers and Read more [...]