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Squash Issues – Yellowing Leaves on Some Plants

In one of my raised beds, I have some squash plants - both summer yellow and zucchini - that are turning yellow.   In the neighboring bed some of the late planted squash appears to be stunted.  This is affecting the older leaves first.  The edges turn yellow and the leaf surface is splotched with yellow areas.  (This year I am growing some of my summer squash - both yellow and zucchini - in tomato cages to see if I can get a better control over the plants that would otherwise sprawl all over.) The Read more [...]

Yellowing Squash Leaves – Chlorosis?

I have about 2 summer squash plants in one bed that have leaves that are yellowing and decaying.  This is one summer squash, planted among other squash.  Only this one plant has this issue.  The older leaves turned yellow between the veins, then dried to whitish.  The edges curl up and the leaf finally dries up.  The new inner leaves are fine for a while.  I decided to cut these bad leaves off, leaving the hollow stems, just in case it is a virus.  You can see the plant to the right, it is Read more [...]

Beautiful Peppers

Originally published Summer 2011 I am always looking for new and interesting peppers to grow.  This year I grew 2 new varieties of peppers:  Santa Fe Grande, a supposedly hot pepper, although I didn't find it so hot when cutting it up for stir-fry.  Here is a pic of this gorgeous pepper: (Edit:  I think this beauty is actually a Cubanelle pepper.  I'm having a bit of trouble this year with a couple of the 5 new pepper varieties that I grew this year - don't know if the seller mixed seeds - Read more [...]