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Propagating Rosemary

I like my large 2 1/2′ to 3′ rosemary plants in large clay pots on the patio.  I purchased my last few rosemary plants from the produce section of a grocery store at $2.99 or so each.  This is too expensive to keep doing, so I decided to try to grow my own rosemary plants from cuttings because I realized this is how nursery rosemary plats are grown – from cuttings not from seeds.   I do have a packet of rosemary seeds and intend to sprout them at some point in the future.

I took several 3-4″ cuttings from the ends of woody branches.  I cut the stem at an angle, dipped the cut end in rooting hormone and put them in water.  In less than a week roots were growing on the cut ends.  I then planted the rooted cuttings in potting soil.

The cuttings in water.
rosemary cuttings in water

Within a week or so, the cuttings have grown roots.

roots on rosemary cuttings

The rooted rosemary cuttings in potting soil.
rooted rosemary cuttings

That was fun.  Looking for something else to try to propagate.  Looking forward to see how fast these cuttings grow.

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Planted 2 Of My Third Year Figs Into The Ground

This is one of the 2 – 3rd year figs that I planted in the ground.  It is a big step for the little fig babies.  They can no longer stay in a warmish store room during the winter.  Hopefully it will grow a strong root base to allow it to survive the winter.  It might possibly freeze to the ground this winter, hopefully not.  It is planted in red clay, under a couple of 60′ pines, at the woods edge.  The other fig is planted about 15′ further back, to the left and a bit further into the woods entrance.  I dug a larger hole and filled the space with a half bag of cheapie manure around each fig.  I have developed the tendency to use bone meal on all of my plant’s roots.  I put a handful of bone meal around the root ball for this tree. I mulched around the fig with regular old shredded wood and bark, as you can see.
3rd year figs in the ground

These figs came from cuttings from 2 enormous 20 year old figs.  It will probably be many years before these trees are large enough to provide enough branches for cuttings.

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Cactus On The Porch – Waiting For The Greenhouse

My baby cactus patiently waiting on the porch for the arrival of the greenhouse.
cactus on porch waiting for greenhouse

Many of the little cactus were started from seed.  It ain’t easy, but some of the seeds do survive and grow.  Most of the tiny cactus are started from cuttings and pieces of larger cactus.  These guys can’t take all day full sun.  Where they are now, they get late afternoon soon.  They seem to be OK with that.

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Stevia – 2nd Year

I bought this Stevia plant last spring.  It grew well last season.  I trimmed it down last fall and was able to keep it in the store room during the winter.  It didn’t get bright light, but it didn’t freeze either.  This sprint it really re-sprouted and this is how it looks now.  Lots of stems.

stevia spent winter in pantry

It wilts too easily in the sun so I suspect that it is root bound.  I am going to plant it in a bigger pot.  For now, I am not going to put it in the ground because it will freeze – probably to death.

I am planning to root cuttings from this plant.

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Gogi Berry’s 2nd Season

This is the 2nd season that I have had this Gogi Berry.  I am very pleased that it made it thru it’s first season.  I put the pot in our pantry where it kept from freezing but didn’t have great lighting.

Gogi Berry

I know that this plant is somewhat happy because it has popped up several straight shoots.  You can see one clearly on the very left side.  I intend to propagate this plant, but not for a few years.


(General garden note:  I put pine bark between my raised beds.  Some are big chunks.  I go out into the woods and load up the bark peelings from dead pine trees.  The chunks will break up as I walk on them.)

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Figs Are Grown Thru Propogation of Rootings

This is a 3rd year fig. It is planted in the ground and is growing great.

first year figs

These 2 two figs are also 2nd year figs.  All 4 of my 2nd year figs have long trunks with leaves at the top.  All 4 of my 2nd year figs are in yellow-green pots.  Some of these figs are trying to sprout leaves at the bottom.
2nd year fig

The 2 tall fig trees on the left – they are in the yellow-green pots, have long trunks with bushy leaves at top.  I picked most of the figs off of these 2nd year fig trees – I want all of the plant’s energy going into growing into a healthy, well rooted tree.  The 2nd year fig on the right has a few little leaves popping out at the base.   The two little figs on the right are first year figs.
first and 2nd year figs

I am so pleased with these 2 fig trees – they are first year figs:  I took the cuttings last fall and they sprouted roots this spring.  They are so full and healthy.  I pulled off the few figs that started to grow on them – I want all of the plant’s energy going into growing into wonderful trees.  I don’t have my greenhouse moved over here yet, otherwise these little gems would be sheltered in the greenhouse.
first year figs closeup

I might try to root some cuttings off of a few of our 3rd year figs this fall – don’t know yet.  Once I got the hang of rooting fig cuttings, it has become addictive.  My cuttings so far have been from 20 year old fig trees from our old place.  Those old figs were dying because of root nematodes.

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First Year Figs

These figs are in their first year.  I took the cuttings in January of this year.  Since we were in the process of moving, I wasn’t able to take good care of them and shelter them in the greenhouse, thus only a few cuttings made it.

first year figs

As you can see, I just stick the cuttings in a sandwich zip bag of moist peat moss.  Some of these have quite a root system.  I have since potted them in nursery pots and potting soil.

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