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Army-worms Devastated My Winter Garden

Army worms have been brutal this fall.  I never saw it coming.  The summer garden came and went and I then planted my fall garden.  The first planting grew nice and the seedlings grew to an inch or two, then overnight - yes, overnight, the seedlings were gone.  It took a few days of research and observation to realize it is army worms eating and destroying my garden. When I realized it was army worms, I knew to watch for them early in the morning and later in the evening because they usually Read more [...]

Time to Pick Most of the First Round of Carrots

It is time to harvest the first wave of carrots.  These were planted around February or March (carrots are supposed to be a 60 day crop, but mine seem to take 90 days for most of the planting to grow large): Picked some more a few days ago: Interestingly, the size of the green top does not necessarily tell you the size of the carrot. Some large green tops have small carrots and some smaller green tops have larger carrots. A couple of the carrots were bolting, so I just picked them all. I have Read more [...]

Potatoes Growing Right Along

I'm growing potatoes this year, just a small bag of seed potatoes. I planted 2 in a large pot, in about 8" of soil. They have grown over a foot, and I have added at least 8" of leaves/mulch/potting soil. I am intending to cover the stems up to the top edge of the pot and hoping for a pot full of potatoes. We'll see how this works. I am expecting potatoes to grow in the soil at the bottom, and as I understand it, the covered stems should produce potatoes along them also. The other 8 seed potatoes Read more [...]

Carrot Sprouts

These little sprouts were planted over a month and a half ago. Carrots seem to take quite a while to get established. They have really taken off the past few weeks. Carrots are supposed to be a 60 day crop - obviously that is under ideal conditions. I don't have ideal conditions where I live - it is usually too hot to grow these cool weather favorites unless I try to grow them during our coldest days of December thru February when we alternate between barely freezing and almost 70 degree days. Read more [...]

Carrot Harvest Time

Originally published June 2011 It's time to harvest the last of the carrots.  It is getting too warm, so up they come, ready or not. This bunch is from the green house. Our last 2 winters were colder than normal and killed all of the carrots that usually grow outside. These are mostly Little Finger and a French round carrot. Around February, I planted a longer carrot outside in my back garden. I can't recall the proper name, but they grew to about 6 inches. I shouldn't be afraid to plant Read more [...]