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Burgess.com Continues To Fail The Customer

As noted in several previous posts, I made a $100+ purchase from eburgess.com, Burgess’s website. The plants all arrived very late in the season and thus were in bad shape and almost all died. I contacted Burgess and told them of the problem. They sent me replacement plants, but as noted in previous plants, these plants were the left overs in the fall greenhouse. I specifically told them to wait until next spring to send my replacement plants and no substitutions of plants. What did they do, they sent another batch of poor quality plants that fall. The ones that weren’t dead soon died. They also substituted some plants. I have the plant labels to show the plants I received that weren’t on the invoice. The representative I talked to on the phone told me there were no substitutions noted on my order – I told her some plants were substituted and I have the un-ordered plant labels to prove it. She was literally arguing with me! Bad customer service. I really wanted those chestnut trees – that’s why I purchased them!

Since Burgess sent dead and dying plants to replace the first order of dead and dying plants, I had to contact them again.

burgess does NOT stand by their plants - shop elsewhere

I used their website customer contact form. I did receive a reply a few days later telling me to mail my shipping label to them. I did mail the label back and again contacted them by email. I was told that I would receive a reply about the label within 2 weeks. I have NEVER heard back and have contacted them numerous times.

Yesterday I received another Burgess catalog in the mail. I immediately threw it in the trash.

AVOID BURGESS. AVOID BURGESS! If they send you dead and dying plants, they will NOT replace them. They sent me dead and dying plants and then replaced them with dead and dying plants.  They took me for over $100.



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I’m Still Extremely Upset With Burgess Seed & Plant Co.

As spring marches in, I am seeing more of the poor, sorry plants that Burgess sent me.

This picture shows my 3 dead Colorado Blue Spruces, shriveled up brown dead lavender and the poplar trees that leafed out as soon as the replacement order reached me last fall, only to have the leaves soon die.  I know for sure that the poplar trees, cherry trees and spruces are dead – the cherry & poplar trees currently have raised spots of rot at the base of the stem.  The Lilly of the Valley have never displayed any sign of life.  I believe they are dead on arrival.

burgess dead on arrival replacement plants that are replacing the original dead on arrival plants

Time will tell whether the pecan tree, hazlenuts, paw paw trees, honeysuckle, boysenberry, raspberry and elderberries leaf out.

The Cherry trees that were sent as a replacement for the original dead chestnut trees, also leafed out upon arrival in the fall.  They quickly faded and never awoke this spring.  Total screw up on Burgess’s part – they send dormant trees to hot, still-summer Texas only to have the plants leaf out then die.

Look at this mail label – almost everything I originally bought had to be replaced!  And then, the replacements died.


mail label of burgess replacement order

I am so disappointed!  I spent over $100 on their plants.  The original order was shipped too late and the plants were in bad shape.  Most never made it.  So, in the fall I followed their warranty procedure.  At that time I told them that I did not want them to ship worn out plants that had sat around the greenhouse all summer.  Against my request, they sent me those very plants in the fall.

eBurgess.com’s warranty is no good!  They replace defective plants with a one-time replacement warranty of more defective plants.

Overall, I feel that the $150 or so that I spent with burgess was money totally wasted.

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