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Army-worms Devastated My Winter Garden

Army worms have been brutal this fall.  I never saw it coming.  The summer garden came and went and I then planted my fall garden.  The first planting grew nice and the seedlings grew to an inch or two, then overnight - yes, overnight, the seedlings were gone.  It took a few days of research and observation to realize it is army worms eating and destroying my garden. When I realized it was army worms, I knew to watch for them early in the morning and later in the evening because they usually Read more [...]

Squash Vine Borer

I was walking along my squash row, looking at the plants as I walked along.  Then - there it was - a squash vine borer fly just there on the leaf.  I put my gloves on and picked it up - took it to the greenhouse and put it in a plastic zip bag. This is the top side: This is its underside: I mixed up a fresh batch of BT worm killer and injected the stems of all of my decent sized summer squash.  The SVB is a moth and when I was trying to pick it up with my gloves, some of the glittery wing Read more [...]

The Dreaded, Evil Squash Vine Borer?

Always on the lookout for signs of the evil squash vine borer, I think that I found a sign today.  This 8 Ball zucchini was wilting in the middle of the day and the other squashes were fine. (Sorry for the blurry pic.) So, I went on the offensive.  I got out my BT worm killer and mixed up about half a cup. I use 10cc of BT mixed with 4 oz of water - I mix it in an old 8 oz water bottle so that it is easy to measure, just fill it up half way with water. Also, this is enough of the mix to do Read more [...]

Cabbages – Possibly My Favorite Winter Vegetable Crop

Originally published December 2011 I love growing cabbages.  I learned to like cabbage because I like to grow it.  I use it mainly in my stir fry in the summer and in my garden vegetable soup in the winter.  I have had good results in storing winter cabbage thru early summer.  Wrap it in newspaper and store in the refrigerator. I start my cabbage seedlings while it is still blistering hot in August.  I then have quite a time trying to keep them cool and yet in plenty of sun.  Here are pics Read more [...]

Lemon Squash With Fruit

Originally published Summer 2011 Lemon squash is probably the most unique squash that I have grown.  It is a summer squash, but it grows a thick, long, hollow stem.  At about 4 weeks, it is about 4 feet long.  At each leaf junction, it puts out a useless, miniature tendril and several yellow, BB sized fruit which slowly grow to maturity - but not necessarily in the order they appear on the vine. This vine is growing in amongst other summer squash so a pic of it's full length is not possible.  Read more [...]

The Evil, Dreaded Squash Vine Borer

Originally published June 2011 The evil, dreaded squash vine borer has been busy in my squash patch. I killed this one: I found this zuke plant this morning - yesterday it looked just fine, but today it is near dead. I am sure it won't survive. A few days ago I found this acorn winter squash with it's leaves limp. It also was just fine the day before. It has held on for a few days. Because acorn squash is not c. moschata, it is susceptible to the evil SVB. Since it appears the evil Read more [...]

Waltham Butternuts – First Fruits are Setting

First Published June 2011 Waltham Butternut winter squash is an old faithful squash.  I only planted 5' of Waltham this year because I planted 5 other cucurbit moschata winter squashes.  The Waltham has set it's fruit first.  I have gotten to where about the only winter squash I will plant is cucurbit moschata, because they have a solid stem and thus not susceptible to squash vine borers. Last season, the evil squash vine borer ravished my cucurbit maxima. After the damage was done I learned Read more [...]