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A Freebie Hanging Basket Filler

This odd little ivy sprouts all over my garden beds.  I believe it can be a perennial since I think a few plants came back in the same spot in the garden.

hanging pot of wild ivy

I have to dig it out of the vegetable garden because, as you can see, it grows all over the place and I can’t have it growing and twisting all over my vegetable plants.  It really is an interesting plant and I don’t want to kill it.  I got the idea last year to put some in a hanging basket and see what happens.  It happened very nicely so this year I have filled about a half dozen hanging baskets with ivy plants that I dug out of the garden beds.  Very prolific.

This lower basket has been growing for about a month, the top basket was planted with 3 sprouts a few weeks ago.  You can see how this ivy grows and puts its leaves outward toward the sun.  It gets the late afternoon sun and seems happy enough.  As the growing ends get jammed up against the porch roof, I pull them down and wrap them around the basket hangers and they go from there.  By the end of the summer, it should be a jumbo wad of ivy.
wild ivy in a hanging pot

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What Is This Plant?

I don’t know what this plant is.  It’s leaves are the spittin-image of giant ragweed, but this one is sprouting from a cut down, 6″ diameter tree stump.  Several of these shoots are growing out of the ground right next to the stump, as you can see.  I know giant ragweed has been described as a lot of biomass, but I think this is an actual tree, not just a weed.  These things grow all over the place – all very large, but I can’t say that I have actually seen a ‘tree’ of this leaf.  I will make a point of monitoring them this season to see if they ever develop a seed/flower head.

what is this plant?  friend or foe?

The closest tree that I could find with some what similar leaves is the sassafras tree.  I have lots of short plants that look like sasafras, but these leaves in question are different – they are leaner and have 5 lobes.

A mystery.  I do have regular ragweed sprouting all over bull-dozed areas.

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