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What Is The Problem With These Broccoli Leaves?

Some of my broccoli seedlings are developing spots on the leaves.  They are mostly a black spot and gray on the bottom of the leaf.  This problem is affecting the bottom most leaves first and sort of working its way up the plant.  This problem is affecting only some of the beds with broccoli planted in and not other beds. I can't treat the problem until I can correctly diagnosis it. This is the bottom of a broccoli leaf.  The leaf in the top right corner is a basil leaf.  The spots look Read more [...]

Overview Time

Time for an overview.  This garden, except for the peppers, has exploded in the past 3 or so weeks. This view is from the center row, looking up at 4 raised beds - 2 on each side.  In the far set of beds, you can see the summer squash over flowing into the row between the beds.  Since I don't have very much bed space, I planned to grow squash on each side of the raised cattle panels in the middle and allow the squash to grow over the side into the middle beds. In the front bed on the right, Read more [...]

Too Much Rain – Peppers Water-Logged

We have had a very unusual week of rain and my peppers don't look too happy. The new leaves, grown since the rain which left the soil in the beds drenched, are curled and deformed looking. All of the peppers in the raised beds have these curled, defective leaves.  The few peppers in pots that didn't get rained on look normal. Doing research, the most likely cause of these leaf issues are either too much water and/or temperatures too cool, which it is with all this rain.  Peppers like it hot Read more [...]

The Cantaloupe Story – From Eager Beginnings to Sad Early Finish

After an impressive showing by volunteer cantaloupe (that were surely hybrid) last year, I bought 2 types of hybrid cantaloupe melons from Twilley Seed. Primo cantaloupe is a typical orange meat, beige netted skin melon.  It was supposed to be tolerant of powdery mildew - but that is not what I experienced this season.  The other melon I planted was Galia Passport.  These melons were supposed to look similar to cantaloupe and fully netted.  My experience, however, was that they grew mis-shapened Read more [...]

Real Freezing Weather Has Arrived

Originally published Fall 2011 Finally, by the end of November, after Thanksgiving, REAL freezing weather has arrived. The late summer squash is gone, as are the peppers and even the sweet potatoes in the greenhouse. Here are some of the late summer squash before the freezes: (The long vine growing on the right side is an unidentified winter squash). The serious freezes finished off these squash. I covered them with a light horticultural blanket and they survived several light frosts, but a Read more [...]

Over-Grown After A Good Rain

Originally published summer 2011 We rarely get a real rain here in the summer.  These pics were taken a few days after a good 2" soaker. The ground was so dry that the plants could have easily dried up and died.  After a good soaking rain - that soaks all of the surrounding soil and not just near the plant stem as is done with hand watering, these plants perked up and did several inches of growing. (Plants grow during the night, after a day making food via photosynthesis.) Here are a few Read more [...]