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The Bluebonnets That I Seeded Last Fall Are Sprouting

Last fall I collected several dozen Bluebonnet seeds from 2 Bluebonnets that popped up in the yard last summer.  I watched the flowers and kept them out of danger until the seed pods turned brown and were safe to pick.  I planted half of the seeds around the giant Turkey oak that they sprouted by.  The other day I found 2 of the dozen and half or so seeds had sprouted! They're tough little sprouts.  They survived the freeze, rain and whatever else.  Now I need to protect them until they grow Read more [...]

A Freebie Hanging Basket Filler

This odd little ivy sprouts all over my garden beds.  I believe it can be a perennial since I think a few plants came back in the same spot in the garden. I have to dig it out of the vegetable garden because, as you can see, it grows all over the place and I can't have it growing and twisting all over my vegetable plants.  It really is an interesting plant and I don't want to kill it.  I got the idea last year to put some in a hanging basket and see what happens.  It happened very nicely so Read more [...]

What Is This Plant?

I don't know what this plant is.  It's leaves are the spittin-image of giant ragweed, but this one is sprouting from a cut down, 6" diameter tree stump.  Several of these shoots are growing out of the ground right next to the stump, as you can see.  I know giant ragweed has been described as a lot of biomass, but I think this is an actual tree, not just a weed.  These things grow all over the place - all very large, but I can't say that I have actually seen a 'tree' of this leaf.  I will make Read more [...]

2 Types of Pine Tree Seedlings

I dig up pine tree seedlings that sprout in unfortunate places where they won't survive long.  I have seen 2 basic types of seedlings.  I don't know how to tell what variety of pines these seedlings are.  I have a few of the type in the round pot.  It grows slower and has shorter needles.  The tree in the square pot is the predominant type of tree seedling that I find.  It has longer needles and grows much faster. They both seem happy once they adjusted to their new surroundings.  I may Read more [...]


We planted the Bermuda lawn from seed last spring.  It is planted in solid red clay.  We have fertilized and watered the lawn, but it still has a ways to go.  This means that it is ripe for weeds to take over.  Among the weeds growing in the lawn, I have found lots of dichondra.  This vile little weed is near impossible to pull up - it roots at every leaf junction. At first I thought it was Creeping Charlie, but this weed has smooth, not fluted, leaf edges. It rapidly spreads and crowds Read more [...]

Johnny-Jump-Up Over Population

This spring I have found dozens and dozens of Johnny Jump Ups all over the place.  They are popping up all thru the grass, under trees, in pots - all over the yard.  Last year I had just a couple of them pop up in a flower pot that I brought from my Father's place.  I left the couple of plants to grow and some how they obviously scattered their seeds all over my yard.  I have dug up dozens from the middle of the grassy yard - planting them in small pots.  This created pots full of flowers and Read more [...]

Pine Tree Seedlings

I am addicted to propagating plants by cuttings and seeds.  Pine trees abound.  I finally figured out that these are pine seedlings.  Duh!  Now I dig them up when they sprout in a dangerous spot - under foot, in the driveway, or some other place where they won't be able to grow and survive. This little guy spent a few weeks adjusting to this pot, but has since taken off.  He (pine trees come male & female but I don't know what this seedling is so I am just using this pronoun).  This guy Read more [...]


This Blue Bonnet just popped up this spring.  This is the largest and strongest of the few Blue Bonnets that popped up.  Have to let it mature and go to seed.  Hopefully next year there will be more Blue Bonnets. That is a scrawny Red Clover next to the Blue Bonnet.  Red Clover popped up all over.  The largest plants popped up in the freshly just composted open beds - interesting.  It is truly amazing how wild seeds find their way all over the place.  I do believe that blue bonnet seeds Read more [...]

Morning Glories In Full Bloom In The Cooler Fall

These morning glories slowly and steadily grew their vines throughout the summer.  They didn't set many flowers in the Spring because with our move, I was so late in getting them planted.  However, with the cooler Fall temperatures, they are now in full bloom.  Just a half dozen vines yield dozens of beautiful blue blooms every morning. Closeup - notice the blooms ready to flower the next day: Each bloom area has at least half a dozen blooms that mature one or 2 at a time. Beautiful blooms!  Read more [...]

Oak Tree Seedlings

Little oak tree seedlings are all over.  I wish I could save them all, but can't.  This is a clump of about 3 or 4 seedlings.  I will have to separate the strongest seedlings out and move them.  Even if they aren't transplanted, the weakest seedlings will have to be cut out otherwise the strongest doesn't have a chance of survival. I am considering transplanting some of the healthy oak and pine seedlings this fall.  They pop up all over and I would like to move them to areas less traversed. Read more [...]