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Just Moved My Gardening Blog From WordPress To My Webspace

Congrats to myself –

I have finally gotten around to moving my WordPress gardening blog from to my own webspace.  Still making minor edits, such as finding a satisfactory theme.

Stay tuned, I moved my site so that I can keep this site updated and make daily posts.  I’ve also added social networking buttons so you can re-post at will whatever you find worthy.

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Is This A Flea Beetle?

I have these little black things, soft bodied, hopping all over my squash leaves and rattlesnake pole beans. It hops away when I reach to touch it. The few that I can squash are soft bodied. If this bug is indeed a flea beetle, it is systena blanda and has a wide host range including squash, beans and potatoes. I am blaming the small white dots (missing chlorophyll) on this bug. Neem oil did not rid my garden of them. As of the end of July, I no longer have any summer squash or rattlesnake Read more [...]

It’s Mushroom Time In The Woods

Yesterday during my walk thru the woods, I took a few pictures of the mushrooms that have popped up all over the past few weeks. These pink tops are numerous.  They just pop up and if there are leaves over them, they just push it all up out of their way, still hanging on the mushroom. The tiny red berries are dogwood tree seeds - this little guy is under a dogwood tree. Read more [...]

What’s With This New Pot?

I just bought some pots from Hobby Lobby when they were 50% off. This makes them cheaper than from the big box store. I have never seen this before.  All of my other orange clay pots have been solid orange.  If my 'Gardening Buddy' hadn't broke this pot, I wouldn't have found this. I googled around trying to find something, but hadn't yet found anything about this black core pots.  I bet, however, that this is a cheaper way to make these pots.  Maybe I should stick with the big box actual Read more [...]


We planted the Bermuda lawn from seed last spring.  It is planted in solid red clay.  We have fertilized and watered the lawn, but it still has a ways to go.  This means that it is ripe for weeds to take over.  Among the weeds growing in the lawn, I have found lots of dichondra.  This vile little weed is near impossible to pull up - it roots at every leaf junction. At first I thought it was Creeping Charlie, but this weed has smooth, not fluted, leaf edges. It rapidly spreads and crowds Read more [...]

Gogi Berry’s 2nd Season

This is the 2nd season that I have had this Gogi Berry.  I am very pleased that it made it thru it's first season.  I put the pot in our pantry where it kept from freezing but didn't have great lighting. I know that this plant is somewhat happy because it has popped up several straight shoots.  You can see one clearly on the very left side.  I intend to propagate this plant, but not for a few years.   (General garden note:  I put pine bark between my raised beds.  Some are big chunks.  Read more [...]


I have decided to raise Raspberries.  They are not as easy to grow here as they are up north, but it is doable.  These will sit in these pots for a while, maybe even this entire season, until I figure the best place to plant them. The 5 pots in the lower left are the raspberries.  The one on the very left isn't looking to great.  Each is a different variety and I'll see what ones perform the best.  I know Heritage is supposed to be one of the best for this region.  Fortunately I have one.  Read more [...]

A Toothache Tree

We had to cut down about a half acre of thick woods for the house.  I was cleaning up the remaining tree parts and came across some very unusual logs.  These trees had large, odd spikes on the bark.  I had to look it up and as it turns out, this was a Toothache tree.  It is also known as Hercules-club tree and Southern Prickly Ash.  (zanthoxylum clava herculis). The trunk - about 6 inches diameter: (it has  been laying on the ground for about 6 months and it looks like some of the spikes are Read more [...]

An Ill Looking Zucchini Plant

This zucchini plant doesn't look well.  It developed light spots when it was still a young plant and has just gotten worse with time. It started getting small light spots on the leaves that looked like the tissue was dry in between the veins.  It spread.  New leaves have it.  It starts at the leaf edges and spreads inward. I looked here, a plant diagnostic page, but didn't see anything that looked like what is happening to my squash. It will be best to pull and burn the plant in case it Read more [...]