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My Hoop Garden Is Taking Shape

I have prepared two of my raised beds for hoop gardens. I plan to do this for my 3rd bed that doesn't have a raised cattle panel running down the middle of it. The beds are made out of 16' lengths of 1x6 treated lumber.  The boxes are 5' wide.  I purchased four 20' sections of 3/8" rebar and had one of my sons cut them into 2' sections.  I decided to put 7 hoops on each 16' bed.  I pounded the 2' sections of rebar 1' into the ground, leaving 1' above ground - the height of the bed side.   Read more [...]

Turnip Harvest

The first Purple Top heirloom turnip has been harvested.  It will go into garden vegetable soup tomorrow, along with any other sizeable turnips I find tomorrow. And - yes, those are aphids on the underside of the leaves. Here are some more turnips - I just scattered the seed last fall. What is interesting is that only the portion of the bulb that is above ground turns purple. Read more [...]

The Aphids Are Here, The Aphids Are Here

Every season it seems a different pest afflicts my garden. This season, here in March, the aphids are already feasting on my plants. I first saw then on my tiny pepper seedlings in the greenhouse maybe 3 weeks ago. They have definitely stunted my peppers. I first used neem oil to try to kill the aphids, but this didn't seem to work very well, and in fact seemed to damage some of the pepper seedlings. I have had to reseed many of them. The fix is in - this season, the peppers will be late. The seedlings Read more [...]

Turnip Seedlings All Over The Place

I let several purple top turnips go to seed last year. I got at least 4 ounces, a quarter cup, of seeds - not counting the seeds that pop and land all over the place. This being said, this fall I generously scattered turnip seeds all over empty areas of the garden. I did this near the end of last year. It took the seedlings a while to establish. They are finally taking off. And some more: I suppose I should thin some of them. I will eat my turnip root/bulb, but I refuse to eat the greens Read more [...]