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This Season’s Tomato & Pepper Seedlings

The Tomato and Pepper seedlings are coming along very well. I started the tomatoes and peppers in small seed starting plug trays - with between 72 and 128 cells in each flat. This works very well. I put at least 2 seeds in each hole, sometimes more if I think the pepper seeds won't germinate well. I had almost full pepper germination! I have a hard time just pinching off the extra seedling, so I end up pulling the plug out, separating the roots and replanting them in recycled plastic plant holders. Read more [...]

Toxic Compost? Aminopyralid? Thanks Dow AgroScience

I posted a while back that I thought that our wetter than normal spring may have been responsible for my pepper leaves being deformed.  Well, after weeping over my destroyed garden - peppers, tomatoes and beans shot for the season, I have found that a herbicide may be responsible.  After thinking about it, I do believe that the tomato leaves do in fact look like previous herbicide damage to tomatoes that I have seen. My tomato damage and pepper leaf damage does indeed look like pictures of aminopyralid Read more [...]

Too Much Rain – Peppers Water-Logged

We have had a very unusual week of rain and my peppers don't look too happy. The new leaves, grown since the rain which left the soil in the beds drenched, are curled and deformed looking. All of the peppers in the raised beds have these curled, defective leaves.  The few peppers in pots that didn't get rained on look normal. Doing research, the most likely cause of these leaf issues are either too much water and/or temperatures too cool, which it is with all this rain.  Peppers like it hot Read more [...]

Overview Time

Time for another overview of my garden: This shot shows all 6 long beds - 3 are straight in front.  To the left is my new garden shed.  The area around the shed in in the process of being developed.  I plan to plant about 4 more blueberry plants and many wild black berry bushes in the area this side of the white shed. This front bed has hot peppers on the left side of the raised cattle panel and summer squash on the right side.  Directly under the panel, winter squash is growing.  This bed Read more [...]

Tomatoes in Pots

I am growing some tomatoes in pots - they look to be about 5 gallon pots.  I simply don't have enough raised bed space for all of the tomatoes that I start from seed.  These guys didn't make it into the garden proper.  We have a secondary raised bed where we are growing about 4 dozen tomatoes.  This is the main eating and canning bed - where we grow the crop to can. These are Twilley Seed Co seeds.  The large tomatoes (8 oz) are Grandoise.  I don't recall off the top of my head what the cherry Read more [...]

Not a Wonderful Tomato Harvest

This spring, since we moved, we were not able to prepare a good tomato bed. (As noted in earlier posts).   This pic is about how I freeze tomatoes.  On the plate are boiled tomatoes that are about to be skinned.  The fruit then goes into the blender.  To freeze tomatoes, I puree them first since this is how we use them - pureed.  I measure out 16 to 20 ounces in the measuring cup and then put the fruit into zip-lock sandwich bags and then into the freezer when they cool off.  (Since they get Read more [...]

Tomatoes Are Growing

When we moved here, we had to build the garden from nothing - in April, it is TIME to plant tomatoes. I wouldn't have the raised beds built for another month, so we had to use logs and put together a shallow, quick tomato bed. A few weeks later the tomato transplants are doing fine, growing right along. A month later the tomato plants are starting to producing the red prize. We usually plant 3 times this many tomatoes, but couldn't this year.  Don't think I'll be doing much canning this Read more [...]

The Tomato Crop Failed This Year

This is the first year in over 20 that the tomato crop failed. In my area, I planted a hybrid variety, Grandeur, whose seeds I purchased from Twilley seed.  This variety was listed as 'high resistance' to fusarium wilt, root know nematode, gray leaf spot, tomato mosiac virus and verticilium wilt.  Well, they quickly turned yellow and died.  (See previous posts also). This main tomato patch consisted of tomato plants purchased from a locally owned nursery, so I don't really know what type of Read more [...]

A Quick Overview – What It Looked Like In Early June

Time for a quick overview of one section of the garden. This is what the area outside the greenhouse looked like (the greenhouse has a solid glass door on it, so it has to be propped open all summer): Looking west from just outside the fence, visible is the squash row in the middle, the pepper row to the left and the tomato patch to the far right - before the tomato diseases set in: A close up of what was once a beautiful tomato patch (we allow castors to grow where they sprout, and only cut Read more [...]