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Sweet Potatoes Didn’t Do That Well This Year

Last year I planted a few sweet potato slips for funsies. Some store bought sweet potatoes had sprouted and I decided to root and grow the sprouts. The result was impressive, to me. I found that each slip grew 3 large (about a pound each) potatoes. They were good and actually tasted better than the store bought ones.  This picture shows a small part of the harvest.  These potatoes are nice, rounded and large.  The meat was rich orange. With a big, easy harvest in mind, this year I planned Read more [...]

Growing Your Own Sweet Potato Slips

I grow my own sweet potato slips.  I started these over a month ago - it is too late now, mid July, to plant sweet potato slips and expect them to grow to maturity. I buy a sweet potato from the store, stand it on its end in an inch of water and wait for the sprouts to pop out.  When a sprout is at least 6 inches long, I cut it off at the base where it grows from the potato.  Put this sprout in water and it will form roots.  After the roots form and are at least an inch long, plant them in the Read more [...]

A Disappointing Sweet Potato Harvest

In an earlier post, I showed pics of the sweet potatoes that were growing in the greenhouse. (I planted sweet potatoes in the greenhouse ground, not knowing what else could grow in the sun-screened structure that still reached daytime temps well into the low 100s). Here is a pic, again of the sweet potato vines. They were prolific, constantly growing up the walls, only to fall back down onto the other vines when they grew too far up the walls. A very thick patch of vines. I planted them a bit Read more [...]

Odd Spots On Sweet Potato Leaves

Originally published late summer 2011 This is the 2nd or 3rd time this season that I have had these odd spots appear on sweet potato leaves in the greenhouse.  It appears to be a spray across the plants, near the door. These spots look like pesticide damage - namely malathion damage. The problem is that I have not used malathion this year. T he last time these spots appeared, they were in the same general area. At that time the spots were also on beet leaves that once grew in that area. Read more [...]

Sweet Potato In The Greenhouse

Originally published Summer 2011 There isn't much that will thrive in the greenhouse soil during the hot summer.  The shade cloth over the roof filters out too much sun for the tomatoes and peppers.  This batch of sweet potato cuttings, however, seem to be thriving. (This is last season's carrot that I have allowed to go to seed.  Hopefully I will get some useful seed). I have several clumps growing, and of course the clump that came from the biggest chunk of potato is growing the fastest.  Read more [...]