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Be Sure You Are Growing the Proper Onion

Here in Texas, SHORT day onions are the proper onions to grow.  Short day onions will bulb here where the days are shorter than in the north.  Northerners grow long day onions.  There is also an Intermediate onion for central states. This is the bag of onion bulbs that Atwoods sold me.  I closely examined the label, but nowhere did it state whether these were long or short day onions.  I figured that surely the garden supply buyer for a big outfit like Atwoods would have a basic understanding Read more [...]

Garden Salsa

Isn't this pretty - the beginnings of garden salsa. The problem is that, thanks to Dow Agriscience's total lack of stewardship and concern for home gardeners.  The peppers are mostly store bought - thanks to Dow, very, very few of my peppers survived long enough to produce a single pepper.  Also thanks to Dow, the tomatoes are not going to be garden tomatoes because Dow's wonderful herbicide destroyed my tomatoes before they had a chance.  Add to the financial loss that Dow has caused me, I Read more [...]

Squash, Zucchini and Cucumbers Are Starting To Come In

Finally, the squash and cucumbers are starting to come in. The round zucchini is a hybrid 8 Ball. I think that the 2 zucchini on the left side are Elite Hybrid - I picked the small one a few days too early.  The pepper is a sweet banana and the 3 cucumbers are either Twilley Tasty Green hybrid or Japanese Long Heriloom - I am picking the onions that I find.  I waited too long and some of the tops have already dried up.  If I miss some onions, they will re-sprout in the fall.  Some of these Read more [...]

Overview Time

Time for another overview of my garden: This shot shows all 6 long beds - 3 are straight in front.  To the left is my new garden shed.  The area around the shed in in the process of being developed.  I plan to plant about 4 more blueberry plants and many wild black berry bushes in the area this side of the white shed. This front bed has hot peppers on the left side of the raised cattle panel and summer squash on the right side.  Directly under the panel, winter squash is growing.  This bed Read more [...]

Onion Seedlings A Week Later

The onion seedlings are growing fine.  I'm not sure how I will handle them.  I'm thinking I might let them grow where they are for a few more weeks or so - unless they look like they are getting to long.  I might then transplant them into the garden.  The onion sets that I buy from stores seem durable - but those little plants are larger than I imagine these seedlings will be.  I plan to eventually plant them around the garden and leave them until they - hopefully - bulb this spring and mature. Playing Read more [...]

Onion Seedlings from 3 Year Old Seeds

I had always read that onion seeds (along with corn), are short lived, that they are viable only for about a year.  So, I cleaned out my old seeds and planted most of some old packs.  I planted all of a pack of Victory Seed Company, White Sweet Spanish, packed for 2009,  Red Burgundy, also from Victory Seed and dated 2009.  Also some Violet De Galmi from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, packed for 2010 and some Red Creole Onion also from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds and packed for 2010.  It looks like Read more [...]

My Hoop Garden Is Taking Shape

I have prepared two of my raised beds for hoop gardens. I plan to do this for my 3rd bed that doesn't have a raised cattle panel running down the middle of it. The beds are made out of 16' lengths of 1x6 treated lumber.  The boxes are 5' wide.  I purchased four 20' sections of 3/8" rebar and had one of my sons cut them into 2' sections.  I decided to put 7 hoops on each 16' bed.  I pounded the 2' sections of rebar 1' into the ground, leaving 1' above ground - the height of the bed side.   Read more [...]

Cabbage Stir Fry

Time to see if this Early Jersey Wakefield cabbage is ready to eat: Sliced it open, it is not filled out as I would have liked or expected - the head did feel pretty firm when I squeezed it before harvest. This tiny cabbage still made a very good stir fry, with an entire onion and garden garlic thrown in. I always like to use some sesame seed oil when stir frying - it has such a nice smoky way about it. We added Kikoman stir fry sauce and served it on La Choy chow mein noodles. (It was half Read more [...]


I sprouted a few cauliflower plants and planted them in the location of this plant - I think this is cauliflower.  The shape of the tiny head is more like cauliflower than broccoli.   If it is, the head won't be blanched - it is probably too late to tie the leaves over the head, covering it up.  It will mature as green cauliflower.  I recall planting a few cauliflower seedlings, but they were smaller than the broccoli sprouts.   These plants grow differently than broccoli plants - these leaf Read more [...]

The Reward

Originally published Summer 2011 The Chinese Long Red beans aren't ready - they haven't even produced any of those cute little pods yet, but I have everything else I need to enjoy a garden dinner. First into the stir fry pan goes the onions - both yellow and red - and the peppers - today we have Purple Beauty (which turn a rich olive green when cooked), Jimmy Nardelo and banana peppers. I use Sesame seed oil to start frying with. Then add garden cabbage, a cocozella zuke, 2 lemon squash and Read more [...]