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Late Season Bean Planting

After trying to get over the failure of my spring garden, probably due to Dow Agriscience's poison aminopyralid, I have decided to replant some quick growers for the second half of our growing season here in Texas.  This bed is scheduled to have broccoli, cabbage and greens this fall.  However, since these crops won't be planted for at least 6 to 8 weeks, I am going to try to get a quick crop of beans. So far, the beans look OK.  I think that maybe most of the poison aminopyralid may have degraded Read more [...]

Survivor Okra

Originally published Summer of 2011 This strip of okra has had a rough life.  While planted in fertile soil, something(s) has/have been systematically killing the seedlings.  I originally started over a dozen seedlings.  I carefully planted them along this edge of the garden fence.  They were cut down - probably initially by cutworms - replanted, and killed again.  I now have 3 good sized plants that i think will make it, and this poor, abused, struggling okra: Look at those gouges in the Read more [...]