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Planted 2 Of My Third Year Figs Into The Ground

This is one of the 2 - 3rd year figs that I planted in the ground.  It is a big step for the little fig babies.  They can no longer stay in a warmish store room during the winter.  Hopefully it will grow a strong root base to allow it to survive the winter.  It might possibly freeze to the ground this winter, hopefully not.  It is planted in red clay, under a couple of 60' pines, at the woods edge.  The other fig is planted about 15' further back, to the left and a bit further into the woods Read more [...]

Overview Time

Time for another overview of my garden: This shot shows all 6 long beds - 3 are straight in front.  To the left is my new garden shed.  The area around the shed in in the process of being developed.  I plan to plant about 4 more blueberry plants and many wild black berry bushes in the area this side of the white shed. This front bed has hot peppers on the left side of the raised cattle panel and summer squash on the right side.  Directly under the panel, winter squash is growing.  This bed Read more [...]

Cutworms? Something Is Loose In The Garden

These are new beds so for some reason I didn't expect to have a problem with cutworms.  Well, not so.  In at least 2 of my raised beds, I have numerous peppers that have been cut off at the ground.  I have also found a few cucumber seedlings and Chinese Long Red beans that have also been cut off. The picture shows the cinched stem there at the ground level.  That healthy green stem ends with a constriction and grayish tissue.  I have sprinkled diatomaceous earth around the pepper stems where Read more [...]

Every Night They Came Back To Kill Again

Originally published June 2011 I have had a real problem with cutworms this spring. They kept attacking in 2 spots - about 40 feet apart. This section of my front raised bed should be host to a dozen Armenian melons about 12 inches high and a few dozen Christmas Pole limas.  But those seedlings were struck down as sprouts - continually. I replanted at least 3 times and still don't have a full row of beans or melons. Cutworms killed Christmas limas as soon as they broke ground. A small Read more [...]