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The Cantaloupe Story – From Eager Beginnings to Sad Early Finish

After an impressive showing by volunteer cantaloupe (that were surely hybrid) last year, I bought 2 types of hybrid cantaloupe melons from Twilley Seed.

Primo cantaloupe is a typical orange meat, beige netted skin melon.  It was supposed to be tolerant of powdery mildew – but that is not what I experienced this season.  The other melon I planted was Galia Passport.  These melons were supposed to look similar to cantaloupe and fully netted.  My experience, however, was that they grew mis-shapened with mostly smooth outside skin with an occasional raised netted vein in the skin.  None of them survived to harvest looking well enough to bother trying to eat, so I didn’t get to see their supposed green inside.  (That is a volunteer watermelon that you see growing in the melons – I harvested 2 edible soccer ball sized melons.)

cantaloupe planting
By mid-June, this is what the cantaloupe patch looked like:

cantaloupe planting mid june

By the end of June, the cantaloupe patch was still looking good – the leaves are nice and green and standing up proudly:

cantaloupe planting end june

Disease is starting – after an unusually damp week – the leaves are getting splotchy:

cantaloupe patch - disease is setting in

We got a few cantaloupe harvested – these couple had a soft end.  After I cut off the rotted section, the rest of the melon was surprisingly good.

cantaloupe - harvest
No saving seeds this season – this is all hybrid!

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