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Unimpressive Garlic Harvest

This is my garlic harvest for this season.  Here, garlic is planted around October and harvested the following May.  During our recent move, I lost my heirloom garlic so I just planted garlic from the local grocery store. I don't know whether this stuff is hard or soft neck, but suspect that it is soft neck.  I bought several bulbs and planted the larger outer cloves.  Although my heirloom garlic was gone, I still wanted to plant garlic.  This stuff seems to have done OK. , I probably should Read more [...]

Under the Hoops

This is the first winter that I have had a covered hoop garden.  A few posts ago, you can see the garden beds with the hoops in place.  The hoops are 10' under ground gray conduit.  About a dollar and a half each, not bad. They are secured into the ground with a 2' section of 3/8" rebar, cut to 2' sections and pounded half way into the ground. The tent is a 24' section of thicker plastic from Lowes.  It was a 100' roll that cost $40 something.  I cut it into 4 sections, allowing about 4' to Read more [...]

My Hoop Garden Is Taking Shape

I have prepared two of my raised beds for hoop gardens. I plan to do this for my 3rd bed that doesn't have a raised cattle panel running down the middle of it. The beds are made out of 16' lengths of 1x6 treated lumber.  The boxes are 5' wide.  I purchased four 20' sections of 3/8" rebar and had one of my sons cut them into 2' sections.  I decided to put 7 hoops on each 16' bed.  I pounded the 2' sections of rebar 1' into the ground, leaving 1' above ground - the height of the bed side.   Read more [...]

Garlic Harvest 2012

Since we have slowed way down in our garlic consumption, I grew much fewer garlic plants this past fall than usual. Here in east Texas, garlic is planted in the fall and harvested in May, or early June at the latest.  This is my harvest for this year, drying on a screen. This past fall, I planted both my heirloom silverskin garlic and some plump cloves from the store. I am pleased with my harvest this year - more of the garlics were large. I can tell the store garlics because they have a purple Read more [...]

The Garlic Was Planted In September

Originally published December 2011 September is garlic planting time around here.  A soft neck silver skin is the type to plant here.  This bed is mostly the largest cloves from last year's heirloom harvest, with some large silver skin grocery store bought cloves mixed in. Although it is hard to see, this bed is slightly raised and planted inside of a steel-edged bed. Garlic and onions are very interesting plants. They are hard to kill and easy to sprout. Just take some large cloves (garlic Read more [...]

Garlic Harvesting Time

Originally published June 2011 I bought heirloom garlic to plant this past fall.  Here in East Texas, garlic planting time is in the fall and the type of garlic to plant is silverskin. These plants are almost ready to harvest: This is the same patch with the garlic ready for harvest - the plants are bending over and more leaves are drying up: I pulled some of the garlic. I am very disappointed with the size of the bulb. I am going to leave most of the garlic for a while longer, although Read more [...]