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Fig Trees From Cuttings

We finally got all 5 remaining baby fig trees planted this summer.  The 3 3rd year figs seem to be doing  fine, but the 2 2nd year figs have just taken off.  It may be that the 3rd year figs were more root bound because they had an extra year of roots in the pot, or it could be that the places the 2nd year plants were placed were just better locations - I think it is a bit of both. This is a 3rd year plant.  It is doing fine, but hasn't bushed out like the 2nd year plants did. This little Read more [...]

Planted 2 Of My Third Year Figs Into The Ground

This is one of the 2 - 3rd year figs that I planted in the ground.  It is a big step for the little fig babies.  They can no longer stay in a warmish store room during the winter.  Hopefully it will grow a strong root base to allow it to survive the winter.  It might possibly freeze to the ground this winter, hopefully not.  It is planted in red clay, under a couple of 60' pines, at the woods edge.  The other fig is planted about 15' further back, to the left and a bit further into the woods Read more [...]

Third Year Figs

These are 3rd year figs - this is their 3rd spring.  I took the twig cuttings 3 winters ago.   I have to get them in the ground this season!  The past couple of winters have been colder than usual and they will probably freeze to the ground, but they need to be planted soon. I have had to put them in partial shade because in full sun they wilt- meaning they are probably too root bound.  I pinched off any little figs that popped up because I want all of the tree's energy to go into developing Read more [...]

First Year Fig Recovered from Apparent Death

I got careless and neglected to water these first year figs for a day in the hot summer heat.  The leaves dried up to a crunchy green dead leaf.  I figured the little thing was dead.  After a few days of rain, I noticed tiny regrowth of leaves sprouting on the branches. The fig tree on the left, the one with the lighter green leaves, is the re-sprouted tree.  I am so happy this little tree came back.  Now, until I greenhouse moved over here - I miss it so much!!! - I am trying to figure out Read more [...]

Figs Are Grown Thru Propogation of Rootings

This is a 3rd year fig. It is planted in the ground and is growing great. These 2 two figs are also 2nd year figs.  All 4 of my 2nd year figs have long trunks with leaves at the top.  All 4 of my 2nd year figs are in yellow-green pots.  Some of these figs are trying to sprout leaves at the bottom. The 2 tall fig trees on the left - they are in the yellow-green pots, have long trunks with bushy leaves at top.  I picked most of the figs off of these 2nd year fig trees - I want all of the plant's Read more [...]

First Year Figs

These figs are in their first year.  I took the cuttings in January of this year.  Since we were in the process of moving, I wasn't able to take good care of them and shelter them in the greenhouse, thus only a few cuttings made it. As you can see, I just stick the cuttings in a sandwich zip bag of moist peat moss.  Some of these have quite a root system.  I have since potted them in nursery pots and potting soil. Read more [...]

Two Year Old Fig Cuttings

These 4 fig trees are 2 year old cuttings - this is their 2nd summer. They are a little late blooming - their first set of leaves blew off when I moved them to our new home in early March. After trying different methods - including rooting in perlite - I finally figured a way to get them to root. Fig tree cuttings are taken in January around these parts. I pick 8 to 12" twigs that have first and second year wood, cut a slant on the end of the twig, dip the cut end in rooting hormone and then stick Read more [...]