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Three Types Of Cucumbers This Season

I have grown 3 types of cucumbers this spring.  The 3 shorties on the left are Little Muncher/Ferry Morse from a store rack.  The next 2 are Tasty Green hybrid from Twilley Seeds.  The 2 on the right are Heirloom Japanese Long Soyu. I don't like Marketmore type cukes - I prefer English type cukes.  Thus these 3 varieties do not have that bitter jelly like filling around the seeds like the standard Marketmore cukes do. Read more [...]

Squash, Zucchini and Cucumbers Are Starting To Come In

Finally, the squash and cucumbers are starting to come in. The round zucchini is a hybrid 8 Ball. I think that the 2 zucchini on the left side are Elite Hybrid - I picked the small one a few days too early.  The pepper is a sweet banana and the 3 cucumbers are either Twilley Tasty Green hybrid or Japanese Long Heriloom - I am picking the onions that I find.  I waited too long and some of the tops have already dried up.  If I miss some onions, they will re-sprout in the fall.  Some of these Read more [...]

Overview Time

Time for an overview.  This garden, except for the peppers, has exploded in the past 3 or so weeks. This view is from the center row, looking up at 4 raised beds - 2 on each side.  In the far set of beds, you can see the summer squash over flowing into the row between the beds.  Since I don't have very much bed space, I planned to grow squash on each side of the raised cattle panels in the middle and allow the squash to grow over the side into the middle beds. In the front bed on the right, Read more [...]

Female Blossoms, But No Male Blossoms To Pollinate Them

These hybrid 8 Ball Zucchini plants grow fast and strong, but they put out female blossoms first!?  I have had 4 female blossoms so far, but not a single male cucurbit blossom to pollinate them with.  Since I'm not saving seed, ANY male cucurbit blossom would have worked - squash, cucumber or melon. What a waste.  I decided last season that I didn't plan to buy anymore 8 Ball seeds because they could be hard to harvest.  Often, the round fruit would form on the bottom of the plant stem so Read more [...]

Daddy-Long Legs Gather Under Cucumber Leaves

Throughout the growing season I have noticed daddy-long legs gathering in groups under cuke leaves – usually in groups of a dozen or so. Today I had my camera with me and noticed about half a dozen under this leaf.
daddy long legs
Interesting – don’t know why they congregate under these cucumber leaves. Haven’t seen them under squash leaves.

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A Week of Rain Destroys a Squash Garden

This part of Texas is usually hot and dry during the summer.   This past week we had a very unusual event:  7 days of rain.    Every day we had some rain.   Some days we had over 2 inches and other days we had an eighth or a quarter inch of rain.  The total rain for the week was a bit over 6 inches.   You might think this is a good thing.  Not so - we had rain every day.   Along with high humidity, we had very little sunshine to dry the leaves off.   I went out to the garden a few Read more [...]

Overview – From July 10

This is the middle walkway between the 2 long rows of raised beds.  The beds are 5 feet wide and 16 feet long - to accommodate the 16' cattle panels.  I planned to plant climbing plants - mostly beans, squash and cucumbers - under the cattle panels on both sides of the bed and plant other things along the outer 2 feet of each long side.  I planted these squash so that they could grow down into the 4' aisle between the beds.  In the very front, left you can see a long vine growing along the outside Read more [...]

Two Types of Cucumbers

I am growing 2 types of cucumbers this season.  Tasty Green, a hybrid from Twilley Seed, and Ferry Morse's Muncher cucumber.  I prefer an 'english' type cucumber and Tasty Green is that.  Just for the heck of it, I picked up a Ferry Morse seed packet and Muncher was a"'non-marketmore" type cucumber.  I call the standard grocery store type cucumber 'marketmore'.  English type cucumbers - and fortunately,  Muncher, do NOT have that jelly like center that surrounds the seeds.  It can sometimes Read more [...]

I like to grow my vines, cucumbers included, on cattle panels staked to the ground with t-posts. I have never noticed any problem with growing vines on metal in the hot weather - that is, I have never noticed the metal getting hot enough to burn the vines.   When the vines grow up over the top of the panels, I weave the tips in and out thru the openings along the top of the panel. You can see cucumbers in these pics.  It is so interesting how the vines all hold their leaves in the same way Read more [...]

The First Cucumber

Recall that everything was planted a month late because of our move.

This is my first cucumber.  Usually by this time I would have been harvesting many 12″ + cucumbers.  The temps have been in the 100’s for a week now and the young garden is taking a beating.

first cucumber of 2013

When this little cuke grows to a foot long, it will be ready to harvest.

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