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Kale and the Cross Striped Cabbage Worm

Kale dries so nice and dark green.  This is a tray of end of season kale that I have been drying.  I then crumble it and put it in glass jars to add into whatever I can when I cook.  Just a pinch equals a large fresh leaf.  I dry them at a low temperature for a few hours so I am assuming that most of the nutrients are still in there. As previously posted, worms devastated my fall garden.  Very few kale plants survived the worms after numerous re-plantings.  This kale plant grew to almost Read more [...]

A Rascally Rabbit Is Attacking My Blueberries

Today when I was dumping some coffee grinds around a row of blueberry plants, I saw some rabbit droppings.  Looking around, I found a larger pile next to a blueberry plant that had been gnawed down to it's main branches - the cut branches were laying around the base of the plant.  I don't think there will be any fruit on that plant this next season.  (I know the pile of brush and tree scraps that it is living in - I'll deal with that rabbit later). I had to put an old roll of garden fence around Read more [...]

Green Anoles

I have so many green anole lizards in the garden and woods.  They are so cute and I love them.  This one - I think it is a female  because it doesn't look like it has one of those pink things under it's neck and its mouth is rounder - is on a t-post that is holding up the cattle panel for Chinese Long Red Beans. I see them all over the garden and I'm loving it.  They are so cute.  Oh, and they are great bug eaters. Read more [...]

Lettuce After The Rabbits Visited

Last winter rabbits ate all of my lettuce and spinach growing in this bed.  These few cos lettuce plants regrew, as did 2 spinach plants at the far end of the bed - top right of this pic. It is time to pick this lettuce - I don't need the seeds so I'm not going to let it go to seed.  I planted peppers, basil, onions and squash around the lettuce.  (The peppers and onions were started from seed.  These basil are volunteers.) Those are t-posts holding up a 16 foot cattle panel that the winter Read more [...]

Daddy-Long Legs Gather Under Cucumber Leaves

Throughout the growing season I have noticed daddy-long legs gathering in groups under cuke leaves – usually in groups of a dozen or so. Today I had my camera with me and noticed about half a dozen under this leaf.
daddy long legs
Interesting – don’t know why they congregate under these cucumber leaves. Haven’t seen them under squash leaves.

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Summer Tanger At the Windows

At first I thought this red bird was another cardinal flying at my windows.  (A number of years ago, in our other home, we had a cardinal that came back every year for 4 or so years and would constantly fly into our kitchen windows, even blooding himself banging into the windows). I then realized that it doesn't have that pointed crown on its head.  I think it is either a Summer Tanger or a Scarlet Tanger.  The bird must have just gotten back from South America a day or 2 ago and has been flying Read more [...]

A Dead Bee In A Flower

Originally published winter 2011 One morning in the late of summer (a while back), while looking around the garden, I saw this dead bee in a morning glory.  The bee is covered with a fine granular substance - I have to assume it is pollen, although I don't know how it would have gotten all over the insect unless it struggled in the flower.  Odd. A closer view: A dead bee is always a sad sight to see. Read more [...]

There Is A Bird Nesting In My Greenhouse

Originally published June 2011 Earlier this spring I noticed a birds nest among some lettuce going to seed in a hanging basket in the greenhouse.  It was an unusual nest, instead of the usual bowl like nest, this nest has a round door opening and a roof. I saw the bird outside the nest once, it looked like a sparrow, except that it had a narrow 1" beak.  I'm not pleased that a bird is nesting in the greenhouse, I don't want it eating my lizards.  I am fond of all of my lizards. I've only Read more [...]