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A Rascally Rabbit Is Attacking My Blueberries

Today when I was dumping some coffee grinds around a row of blueberry plants, I saw some rabbit droppings.  Looking around, I found a larger pile next to a blueberry plant that had been gnawed down to it’s main branches – the cut branches were laying around the base of the plant.  I don’t think there will be any fruit on that plant this next season.  (I know the pile of brush and tree scraps that it is living in – I’ll deal with that rabbit later).

I had to put an old roll of garden fence around the row of blueberry plants, secured by 2′ t-posts.

fence around rabbit damaged blueberry plants

Only the main stem of this several year old bush is left.  I’m sure it will survive and come back next spring – although there will not be any berries on this plant next season.
closeup of rabbit damaged blueberry plant

I keep all sorts of extra supplies around and thus had this roll of fence and t-posts left over from the old place.  If you have the room, keep stuff that may be used sometime in the future.

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Green Anoles

I have so many green anole lizards in the garden and woods.  They are so cute and I love them.  This one – I think it is a female  because it doesn’t look like it has one of those pink things under it’s neck and its mouth is rounder – is on a t-post that is holding up the cattle panel for Chinese Long Red Beans.

green anole lizards

I see them all over the garden and I’m loving it.  They are so cute.  Oh, and they are great bug eaters.

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Lettuce After The Rabbits Visited

Last winter rabbits ate all of my lettuce and spinach growing in this bed.  These few cos lettuce plants regrew, as did 2 spinach plants at the far end of the bed – top right of this pic.
cos lettuce regrew after the rabbits ate it

It is time to pick this lettuce – I don’t need the seeds so I’m not going to let it go to seed.  I planted peppers, basil, onions and squash around the lettuce.  (The peppers and onions were started from seed.  These basil are volunteers.)

Those are t-posts holding up a 16 foot cattle panel that the winter squash planted directly under it is going to grow up on.  I keep my beds heavily mulched with old leaves.  Raised beds are not the best idea here in hot, dry Texas, but it is how I have chosen to grow my garden in this red CLAY soil here.

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Daddy-Long Legs Gather Under Cucumber Leaves

Throughout the growing season I have noticed daddy-long legs gathering in groups under cuke leaves – usually in groups of a dozen or so. Today I had my camera with me and noticed about half a dozen under this leaf.
daddy long legs
Interesting – don’t know why they congregate under these cucumber leaves. Haven’t seen them under squash leaves.

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Summer Tanger At the Windows

red bird at the windows

At first I thought this red bird was another cardinal flying at my windows.  (A number of years ago, in our other home, we had a cardinal that came back every year for 4 or so years and would constantly fly into our kitchen windows, even blooding himself banging into the windows). I then realized that it doesn’t have that pointed crown on its head.  I think it is either a Summer Tanger or a Scarlet Tanger.  The bird must have just gotten back from South America a day or 2 ago and has been flying into our glass door and windows ever since.  It seems to have a brown ‘wife’ around here – they will sit together on a branch – the female tanger is brownish.  The male continually flies into our glass door and windows and tries to flutter there.  I have to wonder if its internal GPS system is telling him that his summer tree was where our house is now sitting.  He flies around the house flying into all the windows as if he is trying to get to a point inside the house.  We had to cut down about a half acre of thick woods to put the house in, so perhaps we cut down his tree?


That is a cute little story, however, I tend to believe the ‘experts’ explanation that the male bird thinks he is fighting off an intruder to his turf but is in effect just fighting his reflection in the window.  This seems to fit because it is the male bird (I suspect the female bird is off building the nest). The male bird just flies into the windows, never the walls.  He flies up and down, banging into the window, as if he is butting heads with his reflection.  It was cute for the first day, but it is getting rather old.

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A Dead Bee In A Flower

Originally published winter 2011

One morning in the late of summer (a while back), while looking around the garden, I saw this dead bee in a
morning glory.  The bee is covered with a fine granular substance – I have to assume it is pollen, although I don’t know how it would have gotten all over the insect unless it struggled in the flower.  Odd.

dead bee in a morning glory

A closer view:

closeup of a dead bee in a morning glory

A dead bee is always a sad sight to see.

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There Is A Bird Nesting In My Greenhouse

Originally published June 2011

Earlier this spring I noticed a birds nest among some lettuce going to seed in a hanging basket in the greenhouse.  It was an unusual nest, instead of the usual bowl like nest, this nest has a round door opening and a roof. I saw the bird outside the nest once, it looked like a sparrow, except that it had a narrow 1″ beak.  I’m not pleased that a bird is nesting in the greenhouse, I don’t want it eating my
lizards.  I am fond of all of my lizards.

Bird   nesting in greenhouse hanging basket

I’ve only seen it flying around one time. Sometimes I don’t see it at all and sometimes it is looking out
of it’s door, as is the case in the pic. My greenhouse also has mice – which I try to get with bait, toads, salamanders and assorted insects.

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