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Those Volunteer Cantaloupe Are Ready To Harvest

Originally published Summer 2011 Those volunteer cantaloupe that popped up in the composted horse manure were harvested.  The first 3 are picked. They are not very large or uniform. I am assuming they were hybrid, store bought cantaloupe. I am saving the seed, however, because the vines are vigorous even though the fruit is small. This is a better result than I got the first time I planted seeds from store bought cantaloupes, some 30 years ago. Those were softball sized freaks that never Read more [...]

Volunteer Cantaloupe Update

Originally published Summer 2011 As I mentioned in a previous post, these volunteer cantaloupe/melons have sort of frustrated me in that they are growing beautifully and fruitfully without any visible pest problems.  There must be at least 6 fruits that are at least baseball or softball size.  Here is a closeup of 2 growing closely together. These 2 are baseball sized. The plants are growing like crazy, shooting branches out all over and no pest problems visible.  The leaves are beautiful, Read more [...]