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The Cactus Shelf

Finally got the greenhouse just about all set up, 2 years after we moved!  This is a shot of my cactus shelf.

cactus shelf

Some are started from seed and some are propagated by cuttings from larger cactus.  Love those little cactus.  This is the baby cactus shelf, the larger cactus are sitting around the green house.

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Cactus Flowers

I love little cactus – I grow them from seeds and from cuttings.

This ugly old cactus is one that I use for cuttings and propagation – it has over-grown into an ugly shape.  When I get my greenhouse moved over to our new home, I plan to cut this one up and start a number of other cactus out of it.  I don’t remember it ever flowering.  I was shocked to see 3 jumbo buds slowly growing on this ugly old thing.  I was shocked – and excited.
cactus flowers

I am just totally shocked that this old, over-grown cactus put out these 3 surprisingly beautiful flowers.
cactus flowers

I don’t know what caused this thing to put out these flowers.
cactus flowers

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Cactus On The Porch – Waiting For The Greenhouse

My baby cactus patiently waiting on the porch for the arrival of the greenhouse.
cactus on porch waiting for greenhouse

Many of the little cactus were started from seed.  It ain’t easy, but some of the seeds do survive and grow.  Most of the tiny cactus are started from cuttings and pieces of larger cactus.  These guys can’t take all day full sun.  Where they are now, they get late afternoon soon.  They seem to be OK with that.

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First Year Fig Recovered from Apparent Death

I got careless and neglected to water these first year figs for a day in the hot summer heat.  The leaves dried up to a crunchy green dead leaf.  I figured the little thing was dead.  After a few days of rain, I noticed tiny regrowth of leaves sprouting on the branches.
first year figs regrow

The fig tree on the left, the one with the lighter green leaves, is the re-sprouted tree.  I am so happy this little tree came back.  Now, until I greenhouse moved over here – I miss it so much!!! – I am trying to figure out how I can keep these tiny trees warm and alive over the winter.

(I collect and propagate little cactus.  These cactus are also anxiously awaiting the arrival of the greenhouse.  They need it’s shelter, especially during the winter.)

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Cactus – I Like Them

Some of my cactus – lined up against the house – waiting for the greenhouse to be moved over – the tiniest of the cactus – especially the ones in the foil pan – were grown from seed – it is much easier to grow cactus from sections that break off of larger cactus:

cactus against the house

Some of my medium sized cactus – the cactus with the long fingers requires quite a bit of water – also, those fuzzy bumps on the cactus are flower buds:

cactus in tray

The cactus are now sitting on the septic tank cover:

cactus on septic tank cover

A closeup of the yellow flowers:

yellow cactus flowers

Closeup of the pink flowers on the finger cactus:

closeup of pink cactus flower

I didn’t get a pic on the best day – the day this cactus had a dozen pink flowers! – you can see the old wilted flowers – these blooms didn’t last even an entire day –

cactus flowering

Top view of the pink flowers:

flowering cactus

Little cactus are so enjoyable to grow and propagate.  Not all of my gardening is for edible plants.

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Cactus Flowers

This cactus that I keep in the greenhouse shot up 2 flowers the day after I gave all of my cactus a good watering.  I almost missed them – I didn’t have a chance to go out to the greenhouse until that afternoon.  The flowers were in full bloom with a multitude of yellow dots in the middle.  By the time I got around to getting my camera and taking this pic, they were already closing.  I put the plant outside to maybe a bee could get to the flowers.

cactus flowering

I do grow cactus from seeds, but it is so much easier to grow them from cuttings.  When I get around to it, I pick off a few of the baby cactus bulbs and root them in perilite, then plant them in miniature clay pots in the greenhouse.

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