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Some Cabbage Heads, Some Cabbage Bolts

It must be the crazy winters down south.  The temperature variations must throw the cabbage plants off.  This past winter started out with an early frozen blast, then was mild for most of the winter and then ended in another frozen blast. I get my thrills starting my cabbages and broccoli from seed.  Due to lack of garden space, I planted these in the tomato bed after the toms died out for the summer.  Both of these are early cabbages.  I would like to grow late cabbage, but it takes an additional Read more [...]

What Is The Problem With These Broccoli Leaves?

Some of my broccoli seedlings are developing spots on the leaves.  They are mostly a black spot and gray on the bottom of the leaf.  This problem is affecting the bottom most leaves first and sort of working its way up the plant.  This problem is affecting only some of the beds with broccoli planted in and not other beds. I can't treat the problem until I can correctly diagnosis it. This is the bottom of a broccoli leaf.  The leaf in the top right corner is a basil leaf.  The spots look Read more [...]

Brassica Seedlings

Time to get the broccoli and cabbages started and in the ground.  This is usually a difficult thing for me because it is usually so hot until about the end of September and then it can cool down quickly and I just have a hard time trying to get cole crops started when it is so hot.  This is just something that I have to work on, having the discipline to start seedlings when the charts say to. Today I started planting the largest of my cabbage seedlings.  A few days ago I started planting broccoli Read more [...]

Late Season Bean Planting

After trying to get over the failure of my spring garden, probably due to Dow Agriscience's poison aminopyralid, I have decided to replant some quick growers for the second half of our growing season here in Texas.  This bed is scheduled to have broccoli, cabbage and greens this fall.  However, since these crops won't be planted for at least 6 to 8 weeks, I am going to try to get a quick crop of beans. So far, the beans look OK.  I think that maybe most of the poison aminopyralid may have degraded Read more [...]

My Hoop Garden Is Taking Shape

I have prepared two of my raised beds for hoop gardens. I plan to do this for my 3rd bed that doesn't have a raised cattle panel running down the middle of it. The beds are made out of 16' lengths of 1x6 treated lumber.  The boxes are 5' wide.  I purchased four 20' sections of 3/8" rebar and had one of my sons cut them into 2' sections.  I decided to put 7 hoops on each 16' bed.  I pounded the 2' sections of rebar 1' into the ground, leaving 1' above ground - the height of the bed side.   Read more [...]

Food Drying

While last season, I blanched and froze pounds and pounds of zucchini, this season I am drying some of the harvest. This is how zucchini is sliced and laid out on a drying shelf. I don't recall the exact measurements, but I think about 6 pounds of fresh zucchini dried to about 10 ounces. To make chips to nibble on, slice the zucchini to 1/8". For slices to use in soups, slice the zucchini to 1/4" thick.  Veggies are recommended to be dried at 125 degrees. These 2 jars are the result of 7 trays Read more [...]

Cabbage Rot

I have two heads this year, so far, that have rotted like this. I don't believe this is either of the 2 cabbage family plant root rot issues. I think that for some reason, the head just started to rot, perhaps a fruit bud or something landed on it and rotted and spread to the head? When I pick the head, I can cut off the rotted part and the rest of the head is OK - it is a surface rot, not systemic. I need to pull this plant up tomorrow. Cabbage family plant wastes go into the burn pile - never Read more [...]

Two Cabbage Odd-Balls

Two of about 3 dozen cabbage plants grew defectively. This cabbage sent up a seed head without ever producing a head. Less than a week ago I could see the tine round buds poking thru the cabbage heads and knew that it was prematurely going to seed. In less than a week it put up this seed stalk. It needs to be pulled soon, it is of no value except to the bees. This cabbage has a deformed second head. I suppose I should pull the second smaller head and hope the main head keeps growing. Read more [...]

Cabbage Stir Fry

Time to see if this Early Jersey Wakefield cabbage is ready to eat: Sliced it open, it is not filled out as I would have liked or expected - the head did feel pretty firm when I squeezed it before harvest. This tiny cabbage still made a very good stir fry, with an entire onion and garden garlic thrown in. I always like to use some sesame seed oil when stir frying - it has such a nice smoky way about it. We added Kikoman stir fry sauce and served it on La Choy chow mein noodles. (It was half Read more [...]

The Winter Garden Grows On

It looks like this winter we will not have the deadly freezes of last year.  It is mid February and we haven't had the below-freezing temps for days on end.  Last year it devastated the crops.  I had planned to build a hoop house out of one of my 4' x 28' raised beds, but I never had to actually put them up.  I expect to have to in a year or so since we are entering a mini-ice age. Most of the broccoli has been harvested.  This is the last big head. Early Jersey Wakefield cabbage, the head Read more [...]