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A Rascally Rabbit Is Attacking My Blueberries

Today when I was dumping some coffee grinds around a row of blueberry plants, I saw some rabbit droppings.  Looking around, I found a larger pile next to a blueberry plant that had been gnawed down to it's main branches - the cut branches were laying around the base of the plant.  I don't think there will be any fruit on that plant this next season.  (I know the pile of brush and tree scraps that it is living in - I'll deal with that rabbit later). I had to put an old roll of garden fence around Read more [...]

Blueberry Jackpot

I happened to walk into our local Lowes when they had all of their $10 – 1 gallon Blueberry plants marked down to $3.00.   I constrained myself to 9 more plants.  (6 are shown here).  I had 3 varieties to choose from.
mark down blueberries

I plan to learn to root my own blueberry cuttings and grow my own new bushes, but @ $3, I would be stupid to pass up these.

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Blueberries !!

Since we have our own place now, I invested in Blueberry bushes.  I bought 8 plants - 2 large ones, 2 medium plants (these pictured) and 4 small plants - about 5 different varieties.  A few varieties are needed to cross pollinate and since I am new to blueberries, I want to try out a number of different cultivars. These plants are going in the ground as soon as I figure out a good place to plant them. I have to allow for a 6' high shrub when they are full grown.  One of these plants has berries Read more [...]