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Boysenberries Finally Taking Off

The Boysenberries have finally taken off this spring.  I planted them in this narrow strip 2 years ago.  Last spring I had a few berries - they were very good.  But this spring, I am seeing all sorts of growth and numerous new shoots.  I am really pleased.  I am going to let them spread all over for a while. The bushy, green berries in the front are the boysenberries.  The plants toward the pack of the row are a thornless blackberry.  I didn't know how to properly prune them last year because Read more [...]

I Always Thought Strawberries Were Hard To Grow, I Was Wrong

Last year I bought a dozen Ozark ever-bearing strawberry plants from Gurneys.  They put out babies and I now have strawberries all over, even growing in the dirt around the door to my greenhouse where I had some of these pots sitting when trying to find a place for them. My original plants didn't produce well the first year, but this second year they are turning out the berries.  Strawberry plants should live for about 5 to 6 years, but start to decline after about 3 years.  My plants are ever Read more [...]

The Gogi Berry In It’s Third Year

This is the third year for this gogi berry. It puts out small purple flowers, but they do not yet develop into the red berries. I really need to get it in the ground, but haven't done so yet because I don't want the arched branches to lay along the ground, but arched drooping branches seem to be the nature of the plant. My Gogi berry dropped most of its leaves this summer - maybe I let it get too dry. I don't know. I am sure that it is root bound - I have to water it every day or it droops. Read more [...]