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Still Growth Problems – Aminopyralid Still Around?

After a total disaster this spring with planting in this bed, I decided to grow a quick crop of bush beans before I plant broccoli and cabbage seedlings in this bed - which will be covered with hoops & plastic this winter.  I figured that the added nitrogen would be good for the soil and I was looking forward to yellow wax beans.  Didn't work out that way. Well, one end of the bed - actually about 2/3 of the bed, the beans did not do well.  At this end, they were the most stunted, a bit less Read more [...]

Late Season Bean Planting

After trying to get over the failure of my spring garden, probably due to Dow Agriscience's poison aminopyralid, I have decided to replant some quick growers for the second half of our growing season here in Texas.  This bed is scheduled to have broccoli, cabbage and greens this fall.  However, since these crops won't be planted for at least 6 to 8 weeks, I am going to try to get a quick crop of beans. So far, the beans look OK.  I think that maybe most of the poison aminopyralid may have degraded Read more [...]

Toxic Compost? Aminopyralid? Thanks Dow AgroScience

I posted a while back that I thought that our wetter than normal spring may have been responsible for my pepper leaves being deformed.  Well, after weeping over my destroyed garden - peppers, tomatoes and beans shot for the season, I have found that a herbicide may be responsible.  After thinking about it, I do believe that the tomato leaves do in fact look like previous herbicide damage to tomatoes that I have seen. My tomato damage and pepper leaf damage does indeed look like pictures of aminopyralid Read more [...]

Chinese Long Red Beans

FINALLY!!! The Chinese Long Red Beans are finally ready to harvest.  As previously noted, we moved this spring and I left my seeds at the old place.  Most of these beans were planted from smaller, less than superb seeds.  They were slow to get going and didn't look so hot at first.  However, as they grew that began to look amazing.  The leaves are so large and so green and they are growing like crazy.  I am letting plenty of long bean pods grow to maturity for the seeds.  When I harvest these Read more [...]

Overview – From July 10

This is the middle walkway between the 2 long rows of raised beds.  The beds are 5 feet wide and 16 feet long - to accommodate the 16' cattle panels.  I planned to plant climbing plants - mostly beans, squash and cucumbers - under the cattle panels on both sides of the bed and plant other things along the outer 2 feet of each long side.  I planted these squash so that they could grow down into the 4' aisle between the beds.  In the very front, left you can see a long vine growing along the outside Read more [...]

The Bean Patch

Although it is now harvest time in the bean patch, here are some older pics. This is the bean patch as it is just sprouting. I planted Romano pole beans all along the cattle panel and Chinese long red beans along the shorter edges. I planted Orka bush beans and Texas Cream 8 cow peas in the middle section. These Orka bean seeds are a few years old. They are also called Yin Yang and a few other names. They started out very prolific. Look at all of those buds. Here is a closeup: In about Read more [...]

Fava Beans

My big plot of Fava beans froze out during our unusually cold 'global warming' winter last year. This year I decided to grow them in the greenhouse. I planted mostly Broad Windsor, with a dozen Aqua-something-or-other at the other end of the growing row. They took a week or so to sprout, but once they did, they took off. These sprouts are about 2 weeks old. I expect the plants to top out at about 3 to 4 feet and hopefully be full of pods. They have very large pods that grow upward from the Read more [...]

Spider Mites Made Worse By Excessive Heat

Originally published in late Summer of 2011 Spider mites have decimated the garden.  They started in the tomatoes.  (White flies were also a problem in tomatoes this year).  They spread to the squash and watermelons - but were harder on the watermelons.  Or, it could have been a virus that made those tomato leaves yellow speckled, then spread to the watermelons next to it.  Doesn't matter now, all vegetative matter is dead or almost dead.  Spider mites are also on the Sweet Potatoes is the Read more [...]

Drought And 100 Degree Temps Kill A Garden Quickly

Originally published late Summer 2011 Looking at my bright, green and bushy garden pics of mid July, and comparing to these pics is heart breaking.  For most of the 3 weeks since my last garden pics, we have been DRY and HOT.  The porch temperature is always at least 105 in the afternoons.  The Greenhouse temp is 120.  The sun is beating down on my winter squash and tomatoes day after day.  After 3 weeks of this, the garden is dead.  Water was not a fatal issue - they got enough gray water, Read more [...]

The Chinese Long Red Beans Are Finally Ready

Originally published Summer 2011 I grow long Chinese red beans just for stir-fry.  They fry up so good.  I have never canned or froze them - I personally have no reason to.  Once they mature enough to start producing, they will produce all season long.  They are best picked (just as regular green beans) before the bean inside becomes too pronounced and the wall begins to thin. They are usually between 12 and 15 inches at this time. I grow my beans, they are a pole bean, on twine strung from Read more [...]