Johnny Jump Ups from Monticello

I have Johnny Jump Ups, originally from Monticello’s collection of ‘Tri-Color” variety.  In the picture below, I have circled one flower that is closest to the original coloring – dark purple top petals, white enter petals and yellow bottom petal.  I have had these things seeding themselves all over my yard and gardens for about 5 years.  I got them from my mom’s place where she had them growing for years after bringing them home from a trip to Virginia and Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello.  This is the first year that I have noticed all of this color variations.  I don’t like it.  I like the sharp contrasts of the original coloring.

I can not find any definitive information information about these plants changing color.  Johnny Jump Ups are a Viola, which itself is part of the  pansy family.  They are a cool weather flower, one of the first to sprout in the early, still cold spring.  Here, in east Texas, they tend to decline when the summer gets hot.  Each pollinated flower produces a round seed ball that pops open with 3 to 4 dozen little brown seeds that scatter themselves all over the place, including all thru the lawn.

Although I have not had the courage to eat them, they are supposed to be edible, especially the flowers.  They also have medicinal properties.

johnny jump ups are changing color

These ones are having their white center overtaken with yellow and the purple edge is growing.  A few in the back have changed from white to lavender in their middle row of petals.
johnny jump ups are changing color generationally

Some more variations.  The white center petals seem most affected.  Some have turned from white to lavender.  Some have gotten purple splotches at their petal edge.  Some have the yellow expanding.  None are quite the tri-color original.
variations of johnny jump ups coloring

These originally “tri-color” jump ups have begun to change from white to lavender, as if the whitge part is mixing with the dark purple top part.  These plants are clumped in the same pot.  The two in the lower center front and lower center left front are closest to the original coloring.
color variations for johnny jump ups

These seeded themselves among white oak acorns planted in tree cones.  All of them here are lighter than the original.
lavender johnny jump up

This one seeded itself among white oak acorns that I planted in tree cones.  It is also smaller.  Did something from the oak trees do this?
johnny jump up almost white

I have spent some time trying to find any viable information about why their color changes, but haven’t found anything yet that answers my questions.

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