Re-Growing Celery from its Base

Ok, for funsies I decided to try to re-sprout/re-grow celery cores, just to see what would happen.

Here in east Texas, celery will not grow properly.  We just don’t have a long enough time of cold weather.  It can be below or at freezing for a few days, but before the week is out it can be back into the 60s.  This fluctuation just wont do for trying to grow celery from seed.

I left more of the baby stalks at the center core than others do.  The one on the left is a half week older than the other and it has branched out some, after wilting over completely when I forgot to keep water in the cup.
regrowing celery from base of stalk

The next step I expect to see is some roots to pop out of the base.  Once this happens, I will plant them in potting soil.
regrowing celery from the core.

These two are yellow because they have been sitting on the kitchen counter and no direct sun reaches them.  Tomorrow I plan to put them out in the greenhouse, but I will need to check them daily to make sure they have water.

I will update when and if they progress.

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