Goji Berry Is Very Easy To Root

I discovered this by accident.  I have a 3 year old Goji Berry (also called Wolf Berry) that is ready to go into the ground this spring, if I can find the proper location.

3 year old goji berry

It is a 3 foot tall, bushy plant with soft, thin branches that easily snap.  I accidentally snapped off one while moving the plant and decided to put in a small container filled with perilite and a dash of vermiculite.  I checked it a week later and to my surprise it had several short, translucent white roots growing from the bottom inch!

I went ahead and put it in potting soil.

Seeing this success, I snapped off a few more branches that were too low on the plant – they would be laying on the ground if I was to plant my potted goji berry in the ground.

goji berry cuttings

If these 3 cuttings also root, I am going to try a lot more, cutting all of the lowest branches that would be laying on the ground when I plant this 3 year old in the ground.  I am very excited.  Goji berry are always rather pricy in nursery plant catalogs.

The soil is acidic and red clay where I live.  Goji berry need alkaline soil (pH of 6.8 or higher), so I am going to have to dig a large hole, about 2 feet deep and 2 foot diameter and fill it with peat and organic matter when I plant this 3 yr old.  I will probably have to lime it annually.  This plant has cute little lavender flowers in the spring.  One of these years, when this plant matures, those flowers will result in red berries in the fall.  Goji berry plants grow up to 10 feet high at maturity.  They are sort of like a weeping willow bush in growth pattern.  Mine is only 3 feet tall, but instructions generally say to prune it back to 5 feet when it grows to 10 feet.  This is supposed to produce a greater harvest.  They are self fertile and drought resistant.  Finally, they grow in partial to full sun.  Full sun is defined as at least 6 hours of full sun a day.

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