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Is This A Squash Vine Borer?

I have seen several of these bugs flying around.  I don’t think that they are squash vine borers – the wings look different from other squash vine borers I have smashed in the past. (I also don’t know what that green think is in the top right corner on that marigold bud.)

is this a squash vine borer, don't think so

I had massive summer squash die off, but I don’t think it was from squash vine borers, but it could have been. I don’t know what to think. Next spring I will have to keep better tract of the stems of my squash. I use BT and inject it into the base of my squash stems with a syringe until it squirts back out. If it leaks out of the stem somewhere along the bottom, then it is probably leaking out of a borer hole.

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The Gogi Berry In It’s Third Year

This is the third year for this gogi berry. It puts out small purple flowers, but they do not yet develop into the red berries. I really need to get it in the ground, but haven’t done so yet because I don’t want the arched branches to lay along the ground, but arched drooping branches seem to be the nature of the plant.

spring of third year of my gogi berry

My Gogi berry dropped most of its leaves this summer – maybe I let it get too dry. I don’t know. I am sure that it is root bound – I have to water it every day or it droops. I have it in a drip tray so that it can bottom feed the extra water in the tray. I drew a red line along some of the many empty branches.

gogi berry is dropping its leaves

As of the end of July, this gogi berry is re-sprouting leaves. This picture isn’t very good, but it shows clumps of leaves that are re-sprouting along the arched branches. Yea! I didn’t kill it with my carelessness. I have circled a couple of the many new leaf clumps.

gogi berry is re sprouting

The new leaves have small white spots on them – probably from some small sucking insect.

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Is This A Flea Beetle?

I have these little black things, soft bodied, hopping all over my squash leaves and rattlesnake pole beans. It hops away when I reach to touch it. The few that I can squash are soft bodied.

flea beetle on squash leaf

If this bug is indeed a flea beetle, it is systena blanda and has a wide host range including squash, beans and potatoes. I am blaming the small white dots (missing chlorophyll) on this bug. Neem oil did not rid my garden of them. As of the end of July, I no longer have any summer squash or rattlesnake pole beans left, only winter squash – mostly Waltham butternut and don’t see as many of them. I haven’t seen any of them on my yard long bean arch.

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