Monthly Archives: June 2015

Squash Bugs, Yuck

These were the first squash bug eggs of the season, back on May 7.  (Note the little baby pine trees - they are all over). Almost a month later, they are almost out of control.  It is very hard to look for and hand-squash the disgusting, smelly squash bug.  (I can only bring myself to squash the adult bugs with a pair of leather gloves on).  You can readily see the nymph damage - they suck the green life out of your leaves and you can see the holds and yellowing spots that form, and finally Read more [...]


I notice weird bumps on the stems of plants, especially wild blackberries. Doing a bit of research, they must be galls - tissue damage caused by insects.  I found quite a bit of information Here. It also gave me some enlightenment on odd bumps and such on my oaks and other things I have noticed in my woods.  This is probably the plant's attempt to replace tissue around insect damage. Read more [...]

The Potatoes Didn’t Work Out

Wow, it's been 2 months since my last post - not good. This spring, May and June, we have had double our local amount of rain and the veggie garden is suffering.  I have to figure that the potatoes got too much water.  The plants were beautiful, dark green and growing fine until we got weeks and weeks of constant rain.  The plants ceased to grow and turned yellow and then brown and shriveled up. See the shriveled, leaves drying up, yellowing plant. The baby fig tree behind the back pot is Read more [...]