Monthly Archives: April 2015

Growing Potatoes In Buckets

I want to grow potatoes, but with my red clay I have to grow in raised beds.  I simply do not have enough bed space to plant potatoes.  I have seen clever and fancy expandable gadget structures to grow potatoes in.  However, with my limited resources, I have had to improvise. This is an old 5 gallon bucket with holes and cracks in the bottom to allow water to drain.  I made wraps out of old, rusty fence.  The potatoes were planted in the bucket itself, about 2/3 full of good soil.  As the Read more [...]

Some Cabbage Heads, Some Cabbage Bolts

It must be the crazy winters down south.  The temperature variations must throw the cabbage plants off.  This past winter started out with an early frozen blast, then was mild for most of the winter and then ended in another frozen blast. I get my thrills starting my cabbages and broccoli from seed.  Due to lack of garden space, I planted these in the tomato bed after the toms died out for the summer.  Both of these are early cabbages.  I would like to grow late cabbage, but it takes an additional Read more [...]

Pine Seedlings EVERYWHERE!

It is really an amazing thing, pine seedlings are everywhere in the spring.  These are some small seedlings that I dug up because they were in the way in a garden bed.  This pic is a few weeks old - they all made it and are several inches taller now.  I can't help myself, when I turn over the garden beds, I can't help but dig up nice looking seedlings and replant them in pots and grow them in the greenhouse until this fall or next spring and plant them all over the place.  I currently have a Read more [...]