Monthly Archives: December 2014

A Peek Under The Hoop

This is a quick peek under one of my 3 hoop gardens.  This one has broccoli at the front - this is the same broccoli that had the initial problem with downy mildew.  After a few treatments - discussed in a previous post - the plants seem small, but no sign of mildew.  These plants now have tiny heads - hopefully they will grow into big, harvest-able heads. Midway back on the right side, in front of more broccoli, is bok choy.  Then there is broccoli, and spinach behind the broccoli.  On the Read more [...]

A Rascally Rabbit Is Attacking My Blueberries

Today when I was dumping some coffee grinds around a row of blueberry plants, I saw some rabbit droppings.  Looking around, I found a larger pile next to a blueberry plant that had been gnawed down to it's main branches - the cut branches were laying around the base of the plant.  I don't think there will be any fruit on that plant this next season.  (I know the pile of brush and tree scraps that it is living in - I'll deal with that rabbit later). I had to put an old roll of garden fence around Read more [...]

Second Planting Harvest

As noted many times, my Spring planting was a disaster, probably because of Dow Agri-science's evil environmental poison called Aminopyralid, it could be picloram - also an environmental toxin that doesn't go anywhere quickly. I think a got a several ton load of 'Toxic Compost', the term for compost ruined by aminopyralid or picloram.  Well, I replanted in mid-summer.  Ordinarily this would have been enough time for a good second harvest.  However, with the current 'global warming' of colder and Read more [...]

Two of My Buckeyes Have Sprouted!

As stated in a prior post, I was surprised to find a half dozen buckeyes sitting under what I thought was a 'Fire-cracker Plant', only to find out that a Buckeye and Fire-cracker plant are one and the same. Buckeyes have a 50-50 germination rate and the un-planted seed deteriorates quickly, so I planted them the next day or so.  Well, that was the end of October.  Now, almost 2 months later, at least 2 of the buckeyes have sprouted.  Oh the joy! Since I now know what to look for and what to Read more [...]

This Is A Reason to Not Trellis Winter Squash

Winter squash will root at stem junctions if allowed to grow over the ground.  For space considerations, I have to trellis most of my winter squash, however here is a plant that grew back down the trellis/cattle panel and along the ground.  It was a very long and healthy vine. And another: On a trellised plant, you can see half-inch to inch white roots trying to grow at the stem junctions.  If they touch dirt, wow, another set of roots will develop. Read more [...]