Monthly Archives: October 2014

It’s Mushroom Time In The Woods

Yesterday during my walk thru the woods, I took a few pictures of the mushrooms that have popped up all over the past few weeks. These pink tops are numerous.  They just pop up and if there are leaves over them, they just push it all up out of their way, still hanging on the mushroom. The tiny red berries are dogwood tree seeds - this little guy is under a dogwood tree. Read more [...]


Today, when walking to the mail box, I saw them - six of them - clustered together under what I thought was a Firecracker plant next to the driveway. Doing a bit of research I found that the Firecracker plant and the buckeye are the SAME plant. These are large seeds - a bit larger than a whole walnut.  The buckeye at the top looks like it has already started t germinate.  In the top right is a part of the outer shell that holds 2 or 3 of these buckeyes together in their pod.  They reportedly Read more [...]

What Is The Problem With These Broccoli Leaves?

Some of my broccoli seedlings are developing spots on the leaves.  They are mostly a black spot and gray on the bottom of the leaf.  This problem is affecting the bottom most leaves first and sort of working its way up the plant.  This problem is affecting only some of the beds with broccoli planted in and not other beds. I can't treat the problem until I can correctly diagnosis it. This is the bottom of a broccoli leaf.  The leaf in the top right corner is a basil leaf.  The spots look Read more [...]

American Sweet Gum Tree Seeds

Fall is the time to collect most tree seeds.  I have admired how massively enormous American Sweet Gum trees can grow.  I have some around here and it is time to collect the seeds and try to start some seedlings.  It can't be too hard because we have little Sweet Gum sprouts all over the place.  Now, I want to start seedlings in the greenhouse and plant them where I want them to grow. According to references, these seeds must be chilled for a minimum of one month to satisfy their dormancy requirements.  Read more [...]