Monthly Archives: August 2014

Late Season Bean Planting

After trying to get over the failure of my spring garden, probably due to Dow Agriscience's poison aminopyralid, I have decided to replant some quick growers for the second half of our growing season here in Texas.  This bed is scheduled to have broccoli, cabbage and greens this fall.  However, since these crops won't be planted for at least 6 to 8 weeks, I am going to try to get a quick crop of beans. So far, the beans look OK.  I think that maybe most of the poison aminopyralid may have degraded Read more [...]

A Few Peppers From A Lousy Harvest Complements of Dow Agriscience

Thanks to Dow's wonderful poison called aminopyralid, all of my pepper plants were deformed and stunted and most of them died.  A very few recovered enough to produce a few little peppers.  Here are some of that very few: (That lime isn't part of the harvest - it's part of the home made salsa!!)  By this time in the season, I should have 5 gallon pails full of peppers.  Ha, not this year.  Thanks Dow!  By the way, their rep never got back with me.  Gave me a song and dance like dow really Read more [...]

Sprouting Honeysuckle

We cut down some little trees that had honeysuckle growing on them.  I decided to try to sprout the honeysuckle.  Some parts of the vines were woody and some parts were soft and green.  I sliced the vines into 6 to 8 inch sections, dipped them into rooting hormone and placed them into a deep starter tray with regular potting soil.  A bit over half of the cuttings look like they made it.  Neither of the woody pieces rooted. And the roots: I think that I'll wait until next spring to plant Read more [...]

Garden Salsa

Isn't this pretty - the beginnings of garden salsa. The problem is that, thanks to Dow Agriscience's total lack of stewardship and concern for home gardeners.  The peppers are mostly store bought - thanks to Dow, very, very few of my peppers survived long enough to produce a single pepper.  Also thanks to Dow, the tomatoes are not going to be garden tomatoes because Dow's wonderful herbicide destroyed my tomatoes before they had a chance.  Add to the financial loss that Dow has caused me, I Read more [...]

I Think My Pine Tree Seedlings Are Actually Cedar Trees – Yuck

I have been digging up little tree sprouts that I thought were pine trees.  Well, after doing some research - after watching these trees grow a bit - I have come to realize that most of the seedlings that I thought were Pine trees are probably cedar seedlings.  Big disappointment.  I like pine trees and greatly dislike cedar trees.  Looks like most of these seedlings are going into the compost. I have circled the one pine tree - it is in front.  Although it looks faded out, it is really light Read more [...]