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What’s With This New Pot?

I just bought some pots from Hobby Lobby when they were 50% off. This makes them cheaper than from the big box store. I have never seen this before.  All of my other orange clay pots have been solid orange.  If my 'Gardening Buddy' hadn't broke this pot, I wouldn't have found this. I googled around trying to find something, but hadn't yet found anything about this black core pots.  I bet, however, that this is a cheaper way to make these pots.  Maybe I should stick with the big box actual Read more [...]

Toxic Compost? Aminopyralid? Thanks Dow AgroScience

I posted a while back that I thought that our wetter than normal spring may have been responsible for my pepper leaves being deformed.  Well, after weeping over my destroyed garden - peppers, tomatoes and beans shot for the season, I have found that a herbicide may be responsible.  After thinking about it, I do believe that the tomato leaves do in fact look like previous herbicide damage to tomatoes that I have seen. My tomato damage and pepper leaf damage does indeed look like pictures of aminopyralid Read more [...]

Three Types Of Cucumbers This Season

I have grown 3 types of cucumbers this spring.  The 3 shorties on the left are Little Muncher/Ferry Morse from a store rack.  The next 2 are Tasty Green hybrid from Twilley Seeds.  The 2 on the right are Heirloom Japanese Long Soyu. I don't like Marketmore type cukes - I prefer English type cukes.  Thus these 3 varieties do not have that bitter jelly like filling around the seeds like the standard Marketmore cukes do. Read more [...]

Cactus Flowers

I love little cactus - I grow them from seeds and from cuttings. This ugly old cactus is one that I use for cuttings and propagation - it has over-grown into an ugly shape.  When I get my greenhouse moved over to our new home, I plan to cut this one up and start a number of other cactus out of it.  I don't remember it ever flowering.  I was shocked to see 3 jumbo buds slowly growing on this ugly old thing.  I was shocked - and excited. I am just totally shocked that this old, over-grown cactus Read more [...]

Second Year Gogi Berry Lookin’ Good

Last year, this Gogi berry was so small it would have gotten lost in the big out of doors. These little purple flowers are on the original branches - this is their 2nd year.  Maybe they will mature to berries.  On the left side of the pic are a number of new shoots that popped up from the soil this year.  I potted it up to a bigger pot this spring.  I will be trying to find a special place for it around the garden area and might be ready to put it in the ground next spring. The plant is less Read more [...]

Squash, Zucchini and Cucumbers Are Starting To Come In

Finally, the squash and cucumbers are starting to come in. The round zucchini is a hybrid 8 Ball. I think that the 2 zucchini on the left side are Elite Hybrid - I picked the small one a few days too early.  The pepper is a sweet banana and the 3 cucumbers are either Twilley Tasty Green hybrid or Japanese Long Heriloom - I am picking the onions that I find.  I waited too long and some of the tops have already dried up.  If I miss some onions, they will re-sprout in the fall.  Some of these Read more [...]

Green Anoles

I have so many green anole lizards in the garden and woods.  They are so cute and I love them.  This one - I think it is a female  because it doesn't look like it has one of those pink things under it's neck and its mouth is rounder - is on a t-post that is holding up the cattle panel for Chinese Long Red Beans. I see them all over the garden and I'm loving it.  They are so cute.  Oh, and they are great bug eaters. Read more [...]

Heriloom Slo Bolt Leaf Lettuce Going To Seed

I really liked this Slo Bolt lettuce.  I am letting a couple of heads go to seed.  It would definitely be better if I could have let a dozen plants go to seed, but I just don't have the space.  If I let this plant make it all the way to mature seed, I'll have to be sure and try to remember not to save seed from this plant's children.  The genetics will probably be poorer. You can see little yellow flowers.  I am only letting one variety of lettuce go to seed, so I shouldn't have a problem with Read more [...]

Overview Time

Time for an overview.  This garden, except for the peppers, has exploded in the past 3 or so weeks. This view is from the center row, looking up at 4 raised beds - 2 on each side.  In the far set of beds, you can see the summer squash over flowing into the row between the beds.  Since I don't have very much bed space, I planned to grow squash on each side of the raised cattle panels in the middle and allow the squash to grow over the side into the middle beds. In the front bed on the right, Read more [...]

Dying Peppers Update

In an earlier post I described how the excessively wet spring has devastated my pepper plants. These are a few of my sweet peppers.  Although it is sort of hard to see, notice that the leaves are turning brown and dying.  The bottom leaves are dying and falling off.  The cucumbers behind the peppers are happy.  Peppers need it hot and dry.  These peppers should be full and bushy and full of blooms by this time.  Total devastation. This pic shows tall pepper plants whose bottom leaves have Read more [...]