Monthly Archives: September 2013

Freezing Shreaded Zucchini

This year I just didn't have the freezer room to blanch and freeze the zuch harvest and didn't have the opportunity to dry them in a food dryer.  So, how to preserve them?  i decided to shread and freeze the over-grown zuchs.  I simply wash the over-sized zucchini and shread the outer meat section, discarding the pithy-seedy middle, as shown below.  I freeze the shreads in sandwich zipper bags to be used in zucchini bread, pancakes and what ever else we decide to put them in. Read more [...]

A Sample Pepper Harvest

The peppers were planted late, also, but they are producing fairly.  I learned that I can plant my peppers twice as dense in a raised bed next spring.  I had never planted them is a 5' x 16' raised bed before, so I wanted to leave them plenty of room to expand.  Lesson learned:  they don't need the room that I left them.  I had planted 3 to 4 plants across the 5' length, only about 10 rows along the 16' length.  Next spring I plan to start twice as much pepper seeds - that means 144 plants Read more [...]

A Selection of Winter Squash

With the move this past spring, as previously noted, all of my garden was planted at least a month late, including some winter squash. The top left is one of only 2 Seminole Pumpkins that I harvested.  They grew wonderfully the last growing season of my old home.  I purchased new heirloom Seminole Pumpkin seed from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange this fall.  I like them.  They are a nice single serving size squash with a nice long stem.  Oh, Next spring. . .   Can't hardly wait . . . . . Read more [...]

I’ve Been Busy With My Seed Orders

I make major seed purchases every 2 or 3 years, in the Fall.  This year is it. I made orders from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange and Twilley Seeds - I am a repeat customer for both of those sellers.  I also made orders from Mountain Valley Seed - my first time to order from them.  I actually made a couple of orders from them this month.  In the past, I have been a regular customer of and victory seeds, but not this year.  Mountain Valley is a wholesaler and some seeds are so Read more [...]