Monthly Archives: August 2013

My Hoop Garden Is Taking Shape

I have prepared two of my raised beds for hoop gardens. I plan to do this for my 3rd bed that doesn't have a raised cattle panel running down the middle of it. The beds are made out of 16' lengths of 1x6 treated lumber.  The boxes are 5' wide.  I purchased four 20' sections of 3/8" rebar and had one of my sons cut them into 2' sections.  I decided to put 7 hoops on each 16' bed.  I pounded the 2' sections of rebar 1' into the ground, leaving 1' above ground - the height of the bed side.   Read more [...]

Daddy-Long Legs Gather Under Cucumber Leaves

Throughout the growing season I have noticed daddy-long legs gathering in groups under cuke leaves – usually in groups of a dozen or so. Today I had my camera with me and noticed about half a dozen under this leaf.
daddy long legs
Interesting – don’t know why they congregate under these cucumber leaves. Haven’t seen them under squash leaves.

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Chinese Long Red Beans

FINALLY!!! The Chinese Long Red Beans are finally ready to harvest.  As previously noted, we moved this spring and I left my seeds at the old place.  Most of these beans were planted from smaller, less than superb seeds.  They were slow to get going and didn't look so hot at first.  However, as they grew that began to look amazing.  The leaves are so large and so green and they are growing like crazy.  I am letting plenty of long bean pods grow to maturity for the seeds.  When I harvest these Read more [...]

Verigated Squash Leaves vs. Powdery Mildew

I received a comment questioning whether powdery mildew might actually be the natural coloring of certain squash leaves. I am creating this post in reply. This first picture if of a normal variegated squash leaf. Some squash plants, especially winter squash plants, have leaves with white areas. These white areas are usually at the junction of leaf vines. This next picture is of small powdery mildew spots - note the fuzzy look to the round splotches randomly located all over the leaf: This leaf Read more [...]

A Hidden Patty Pan Scallop Squash

I purposely built my raised beds so that the summer squash plants would grow their vines/stems over the edge of the bed and grow onto the ground next to the bed. Well, I still have to think about this procedure and how it worked out. However, when looking thru the over-the-edge growth, I found this beauty hidden amongst the leaves. (It would have been optimal to harvest when it was about half this size). Very cool. Read more [...]