Monthly Archives: May 2013

Summer Tanger At the Windows

At first I thought this red bird was another cardinal flying at my windows.  (A number of years ago, in our other home, we had a cardinal that came back every year for 4 or so years and would constantly fly into our kitchen windows, even blooding himself banging into the windows). I then realized that it doesn't have that pointed crown on its head.  I think it is either a Summer Tanger or a Scarlet Tanger.  The bird must have just gotten back from South America a day or 2 ago and has been flying Read more [...]

Basil Seedlings

Everything is running late this spring because of the move.  These Basil seedlings popped up in just a few days.  I should have started them over a month ago, but it is difficult for me to start seedlings without my greenhouse.  I used tweezers to plant 2 seeds in each hole of the seed starting tray. The 2 rows on the left are one variety, but I just didn't bother with writing down which rows were which cultivar.  There are actually 3 groups of seeds - two are new from seed packets this year Read more [...]

Peppers Growing Quickly

These peppers were planted less than a week ago and they have doubled in size!  I am very happy. These seedlings are thriving in this sandy soil.  It must be the scoop of Black Cow brand cow manure and the bone meal and epsom salt that I put in each hole with the seedlings. Beautiful little plants.  I haven't seen an aphid ye, although there are small, half-inch brown grasshoppers in the leaf mulch.  Less than a year ago, this area was solid, thick woods - so I am hoping that there are no Read more [...]

Planting the Peppers

It is time to plant those pepper seedlings that were started from seeds saved from last summer's peppers.  The right half of this bed is already planted with peppers and mulched with crumbled, dry oak leaves.  You can see the peppers in pots sitting on the dirt - spaced for planting - on the left side. Some pepper seedlings went into another bed.  Here they are sitting already spaced on top of the soil.   To plant each seedling, the hole is filled with 2 scoops of premium Black Cow brand compost, Read more [...]

Filling The Beds

The raised beds are finished and the load of mediocre quality top soil to fill the beds with has been delivered.  As you can see, we have already been digging in it - about a third of it is already in the beds. The topsoil is very sandy and certainly not optimal for growing vegetables.  In each bed, I mixed 18 bags of cheap compost/top soil stuff that Lowes sells.  I also added a half of a large block of peat moss to each bed.  You can see the darker compost before it was mixed together with Read more [...]