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Zucchini Appears To Be Recovering From Squash Vine Borers

Several posts ago I showed a picture of a zucchini plant that was wilting probably because of the evil squash vine borer.  I have treated all sizeable summer squash plants numerous times with in-stem injections of BT.  These 2 zuchs look like they recovered enough and are trying to regrow.  They should have an excellent root structure to build on.  Look at those new leaves !  The old, dead yellow leaf stems are still visible.  (The white powder at the stem is diacatamous earth to try to cut Read more [...]

Mysterious Varmint Cuts Down My Only Surviving Jimmy Nordello Heirloom Sweet Pepper

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was blind-sided by aphids this year destroying most of my pepper seedlings in the greenhouse when they were just an inch or 2.  This included most of my Jimmy peppers.  I had this one surviving seedling that, although stunted, managed to grow big enough to be planted out in the wilds of the garden.  It grew pretty good for a week or 2.  Then, today when I was looking at my garden I found it cut down!  Something snapped its 1/8" stem and gnawed a few spots Read more [...]

Potatoes In A Pot Aren’t Doing Well

I planted 2 seed potatoes in this large pot.  They grew great for a month, I filled in the pot with soil and mulch as they grew taller.  Just recently - about the time the nearby tomatoes started turning yellow, these potatoes started to die back.  There isn't a whole lot to them left.  The vines are light and scrawny, but haven't noticeably turned yellow like the tomatoes.  Perhaps a different issue is afflicting the potatoes? The 8 seed potatoes that I planted in this 'back' garden - in Read more [...]

Squash Vine Borer

I was walking along my squash row, looking at the plants as I walked along.  Then - there it was - a squash vine borer fly just there on the leaf.  I put my gloves on and picked it up - took it to the greenhouse and put it in a plastic zip bag. This is the top side: This is its underside: I mixed up a fresh batch of BT worm killer and injected the stems of all of my decent sized summer squash.  The SVB is a moth and when I was trying to pick it up with my gloves, some of the glittery wing Read more [...]

The Tomato Virus Strikes Again

This year I planted a hybrid tomato that I purchased from Twilley Seed Co. I planted 'Grandeur F1'. The catalog description of this tomato is: "Long yeilding with strong disease package, 8-9 oz fruit, large leaved, vigorous plant, produces 5-7 fruits per cluster. High resistance F1, N, St, TMV, V." (F= fusarium vilt race 1, N= root knot nematode, St = stemphylium/gray leaf spot, TMV = tobacco mosiac virus and V= verticulum wilt & races) Sounds like these plants should have been able to withstand Read more [...]

Hybrid Summer Squash Out-Performs Open Pollinated Varieties

I prefer to grow open pollinated/heirloom varieties of plants. (I get a thrill out of saving seeds). However, here in east Texas, the growing conditions are harsh during the summer. As a result, the past few years gardening has not been as productive as I would like. (And this includes fresh seeds from seed sellers).  Last fall, after talking with a road side vegetable vendor, I decided to go hybrid this season. The vendor recommended Twilley Seed of North Carolina. I purchased all of my tomato, Read more [...]

Seedlings on the west wall shelf.  These are mostly pepper plants and basil.  I started 72 basil plants this season because I plan on making my own pesto.  I am just planting the basil here and there in the garden, where ever I find some room. These pics are actually about 3 weeks old by now.  I plan to get updates next week - things are growing so fast now that the temps have warmed up. Some more peppers and tomatoes. These are tarragon and sage seedlings. These are basil seedlings Read more [...]

The Dreaded, Evil Squash Vine Borer?

Always on the lookout for signs of the evil squash vine borer, I think that I found a sign today.  This 8 Ball zucchini was wilting in the middle of the day and the other squashes were fine. (Sorry for the blurry pic.) So, I went on the offensive.  I got out my BT worm killer and mixed up about half a cup. I use 10cc of BT mixed with 4 oz of water - I mix it in an old 8 oz water bottle so that it is easy to measure, just fill it up half way with water. Also, this is enough of the mix to do Read more [...]

Something Cut Down My Only Santa Fe Grande Pepper

As I mentioned in a previous post, aphids got a hold of my pepper seedlings this spring and essentially destroyed them, all 72 seedlings that I start.  Very few of the seedlings survived and grew enough for me to transplant them into the garden.  I only had one Santa Fe Grande pepper seedling survive and thrive enough to make it into the garden.  A couple of days after I transplanted it outside, this is what I found: I have no idea what does this damage. I don't know if it would be a cutworm? Read more [...]

Cactus Flowers

This cactus that I keep in the greenhouse shot up 2 flowers the day after I gave all of my cactus a good watering.  I almost missed them - I didn't have a chance to go out to the greenhouse until that afternoon.  The flowers were in full bloom with a multitude of yellow dots in the middle.  By the time I got around to getting my camera and taking this pic, they were already closing.  I put the plant outside to maybe a bee could get to the flowers. I do grow cactus from seeds, but it is so Read more [...]